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June 28, 2012

River Morning

Today is the first day of my summer vacation, and I could think of nothing more fitting than to start it with an early morning paddle on the Lafayette.  The wind was absent, the temperatures cool, and I nearly had the river to myself. I am sure there will be pictures of other places coming soon, but for now enjoy some of what I saw this morning while the rest of the city was rushing off to work.

Tidewater Morning (2)

Broken Dock

Boat Barm


Mimosa Blur 2 copy


Great Egret (2)

Bird on Bricks

Bird on a Pole

26th St. Bridge


  1. Very serene. I think your vacation's off to a good start! Photos, please!

  2. Wonderful - and so relaxing, even just to share your journey through photographs. Thanks for posting!

  3. yet again i am wowed....I so wish you could teach me the bird pics...did you have to enhance red on the boat....?

  4. Makes me wonder why I haven't been out in my kayak at all this year ...

    These photos are lovely. Especially that pink flower (?) ...

    Thanks for the nudge.

    Have a great holiday.

  5. Am glad you got up early to get these pictures for us. Just lovely. I really like the composition of the one with the front of the kayak in it.

  6. Beautiful photo's. Is that a Calisitmon blossom?

  7. Gorgeous pix, as usual. I like the one of the mimosa bloom floating on the water. I'm curious, are you brave enough to take your "regular" camera kayaking or do you have a waterproof, splashproof, or relatively expendable camera that you use instead? I usually go with the 3rd option but I don't like that camera as well. My husband takes his expensive one in a dry bag and then takes it out for photos, but it really makes me nervous!

  8. Utterly restorative images!

  9. Since the question about the tree in blossom and its flower floating in the water came up:

    It's an Albizia julibrissim f. rosea, also known as "Persian Silk Tree". This red flowering form from northern China and Korea is at least hardy to USDA zone 6, provided it receives sufficient summer warmth.

  10. Now that is how to vacation! Thanks for the moment of serenity. Wish I could see it in person.

  11. That last image is stunning, such good composition.

  12. fantastic images. the mimosa flower looks so calming in the water like that. have a great holiday!

  13. Michael,
    You know there will be photos, lots!

    You are welcome, thanks for stopping by.

    No I did not enhance the color of the boat. It is bright red, hopefully red enough for teenage jet skiers to see me in the water.

    You are welcome for the nudge. I was late getting my kayak in this spring also. I like to wait for the water to warm enough where if I fall in it, I won't be dead from exposure in 5 minutes.

    Thanks! That bridge is one the city's oldest and seperates two different worlds.

    No that is Mimosa, Albizia julibrissen, or in other words, a lovely weed.

    I just purchased a water-proof box from Wild River Outfitters and now I can take my good camera. I am still extremely cautious and only pull it out when things are very calm, and there is no boat traffic.

    It was restorative for me as well.

    Thank you for responding to Ruth before I got around to it. I enjoy these trees, but would not recommend them. However, I do have Summer Chocolate Mimosa planted in my front yard.

    You used the right word, serenity.

    Thanks. I took many pics under the bridge, knowing some shot was there, but did not know where.

    I like that shot too. I do not normally over-edit my photos, but I had fun playing with that one.


  14. What a wonderful way to start off your vacation! I just adore water fowl. Great morning pics...

  15. Now I am drooling on those breath taking photos. I love the ruined bridge and the serene waters. Where is this place anyway?

  16. Your photography is so awesome, Les. It's truly inspiring. I hope you're having a wonderful vacation. Why do you need to leave town when you can go out and kayak on the river right there? Just kidding...everyone needs a change of pace now and then. Take care;)

  17. Les, these shots are superb. You are an excellent photographer. The Herons and Fairy Duster? pictures are out of this world. What a great way to start your day:)

  18. Skeeter,
    The birds were out in force, and several of them were not shy in front of the camera too.

    This is the Lafayette River in the middle of Norfolk, Virginia, USA. It is in the middle of one of the state's most urban areas, but manages to hold onto a little wild.

    I suffer if I don't get on the road regularly. Fortunately, like you, we live in an area that has a lot to offer in itself.

    Thank you for the kind comments. I played with the mimosa (fairy duster) photo more than I normally do, and am pleased with the results.


  19. All great shots, Les. Enjoy your vacation!