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December 31, 2018

The Last Sunset of 2018

     2018 has not been a good year. In fact, it has likely been one of the worst for me and my family. This was a year of great loss for us, permanent loss from death, and temporary loss from incarceration. If there can be any upshots to these losses, it would be the reminder not to wait until people are gone from your life to cherish your relationships. The other upshot was to recognize what I can control, and that I have the strength to avoid unhealthy stresses over what I cannot control. There were also enough minor events throughout the year that made me question the laws of karma, and just what I had done to tip the scales. Add to all this the big black cloud of chaotic idiocy centered over Washington, and 2018 is indeed a year I want to see behind me. However, I am not running into 2019 with open arms. I will be cautious, but taking my joys whenever, wherever I can. I hope you can do the same.