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June 11, 2012

Busy Waters

This past weekend, OpSail 2012 came to the local waterfront, and there was a spectacular gathering of ships that has not been witnessed here in many years.  Early Saturday morning the Sherpa Girls and I went downtown to see what could be seen and to take some photos before the docks got too crowded.  I love just about all things nautical, and seeing the tall ships sparked some kind of genetic memory in me.  We were treated to the early morning routines as the crews prepared for a busy day of tours and festivities.  Flags were raised, lines trimmed, national anthems sung, bag pipes played, brass polished, provisions loaded - and I was very glad I got to see it all.

Small Craft

Juan Sebastian de Elcano (Spain)
Juan Sebastian de Elcano (Spain)

Goose Bay and Moncton (Canada)
Goose Bay and Moncton (Canada)

Also from Canada, Picton Castle (they are looking for crew members!)
Picton Castle (Canada) (4)

Picton Castle (Canada) (2)

Picton Castle Sign

USS Wisconsin

Guayas (Ecuador)
Guayas (Ecuador) (3)

Guayas (Ecuador) (5)

Guayas (Ecuador)

The Pride of Baltimore II
Pride of Baltimore II (2)

Pride of Baltimore II

The Schooner Virginia

Gloria (Columbia)
Gloria (Columbia)

The U.S. Coast Gaurd's Eagle

Eagle (2)

Indonesia's Dewaruci
Dewaruci (Indonesia) (7)

Dewaruci (Indonesia) (3)

Dewaruci (Indonesia) (5)

Dewaruci (Indonesia) (6)

Dewaruci (Indonesia) (4)

Dewaruci (Indonesia) (2)

Cuauhtemoc (Mexico)
Cuauhtemoc (Mexico) (2)

Cuauhtemoc (Mexico)

Cuauhtemoc (Mexico) (3)

Cuauhtemoc (Mexico) (5)

Cuauhtemoc (Mexico) (4)

Cuauhtemoc (Mexico) (7)

Waterside Docks

Otter Berth

View from the Parking Garage

If this was not enough for you, you can see my complete set here.


  1. Outstanding Les.. Beautiful photos and beautiful ships..enjoyed !

  2. Lovely photos. Last week was 'fleet week' here in Portland, big ships pulled up along our urban waterfront. I love it, sadly though I was out of town and didn't get to see them. These photos certainly helped make up for that.

  3. Beautiful photos, LES. Absolutely gorgeous eye you many favorites but I love the sailors in stripes, especially.

  4. Terrific photos! Almost makes me forget how easily I get sea sick.

  5. That must have been a nice day out, though I must admit, I would rather been on land looking at the ships than on the ships looking at land :-)

  6. As, I always love your photos Les, they are beautiful in color and composition.
    One picture in particular, of the USS Wisconsin, moved me. There is something eerie, stealthy and majestic in it. I'm such a garden geek yet I had a strong emotional reaction to it that surprised me... Awesome.

  7. Love the images of the ships, the colors and the forms.

  8. Great shots Les. What a variety of vessels ! We have the "Tall Ships" coming for a visit to Halifax the week of July 19 and I'm really looking forward to touring them.

  9. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!