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November 12, 2012

I'm Happy Where I Live

I am happy to live where I do.  Sometimes when I think about retirement, I fantasize about a small home with  a big garden, in the country, on a hilltop, in the shadow of the Blue Ridge.  This part of me wants to make sure that hurricanes, nor'easters and rising sea levels are far enough away to be someone else's worry. Then the larger part of me thinks about the smells of salt and marsh, the rhythm of tide, the gathering of birds and sun coming up over water.  Living next to the sea can be risky, but oh those benefits.

Lafayette Sunrise 3

Lafayette Sunrise 2

Lafayette Sunrise

Lafayette Sunrise 4


  1. Yours is a gorgeous spot on the earth, I fully appreciate that. You know we found another gorgeous spot...a little less volatile. I don't miss the threat of hurricanes.

  2. Dreamy and lovely -- what more can I say than thank you!

  3. What an interesting set of images. That is a jet stream I assume? I love the way the jet stream and its refection crosses the last image- my eye follows it across one way and then back the other taking in the whole beautiful scene.

  4. Gorgeous pictures and a great reminder to treasure the benefits of where we find ourselves right now.

  5. Beautiful, as usual. Is that a sun dog in the last three photos?

  6. You do live in a beautiful part of the world...

  7. I definitely identify with those feelings. I love where I live in spite or tornadoes, drought and heat. Oh, and cold too. Still, I sometimes dream of living in Hawaii or next to the sea.~~Dee

  8. I like the looks of where you live.

    Your healthy looking marsh might help to dissipate some of the impacts of climate change-storms.

  9. Janet,
    I am sure there are there lots of places around the world that are on the ocean, with high elevations, not in a normal hurricane path and not prone to earthquakes, but none of them here in Virginia.

    I can say you are welcome.

    The jet trails did a fine job of framing the image.

    I like your philosophy.

    I think it is a sun dog. That is the only explanation I could find.

    As do you!

    Your comment reminds me of the old gardening phrase "grow where you are planted".

    One can only hope the marsh will do that. In the mean time we need to make more of them.