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September 28, 2011

Unsettled Weather

This morning the sun shone and summer made a brief return visit.  The temperature rapidly reached the mid 80's and turned to steam all the moisture in the sodden ground.  It was July humid.  In the early afternoon a black wall of clouds rose up out of the south.  The temperatures fell, and heavy, fat-drop rain began with hail following soon.  Tornado and flash flood warnings were issued.  It calmed down for a while, but then a second round came, followed by another lull as I left work. In the direction of Norfolk the dark sky was roiling, and I was witness to a wrath-of-God kind of thunder and lightening show.  Once home, I headed to the river to watch the last act.  At sunset the clouds parted just a bit to show some color other than black or gray.  It was like cracking the door open on a wood stove in a darkened room.

Lafayette 9-28-11 (2)


  1. I used to enjoy a thunder and lightening show until our house, with me in it, was struck. Now I am like little Albert, totally conditioned to be terrified of it especially if I am out hiking. Although, maybe right now I would welcome one. Glad you enjoyed your show.

  2. Sunset-wood stove: magnificent metaphor.

  3. Gorgeous! I love the image and even more how you describe it with just the right simile: cracking open a wood stove in a dark room as that is our future. We've had warm summery weather in Maine too and rain is on the way.

  4. i love your woodstove metaphor. When my sister lived in Southern CA, she said what she missed most was the thunderstorms we experienced growing up on a Great Lake (Buffalo).

  5. We are getting the same type of weather here. Just had a tropical downpour with thunder and lightening and then sunshine and then another storm. Sun (what's that?) in store for next week.

  6. A molten lava sunset! Breathtaking!

  7. Les, The photos is stellar and what a perfect metaphor. gail

  8. Greggo,

    L Rose,
    A house I was standing next to got struck once, but amazingly I did not realize it at the time. Can you say clueless!

    Thanks, and that came to be quickly for a change.

    I sure hope we are months away from wishing we had a wood stove.

    Thunderstorms count for entertainment here.

    Thank you. I almost missed it.

    Thank you very much.

    Thanks for making the journey.


  9. Stunning image Les, I love the light on the ripples.

  10. Wow, what a great photo moment...

    Nicely done