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September 21, 2011

Scenes from the Ferry

Last week on the way to and from Atlantic City we took the Cape May-Lewes Ferry.  Travelling this way is not so much a short cut, but it does avoid having to fight Wilmington and Philly traffic, and if your timing's right and depending on your destination, it takes no longer.  On top of that it is a very genteel way to travel.

The day we headed up was the tenth anniversary of  9/11 and security was tight.  Sniffer dogs and officers with pole mirrors were busy inspecting cars, and the ferry had an armed Coast Guard escort heading out of the Lewes harbor.  Once away from shore, the cloudy skies and cool weather made me long for a jacket.  Despite the chill, I spent the whole trip on deck.  Some might think there was not much to see beyond sky and water, but those are things I rarely tire looking at.  Closer to Cape May I noticed two small boats with kayaks behind them and was amazed anyone would kayak across the bay.  A few minutes later my amazement grew as I realized the kayaks were actually escorting two swimmers across the bay. Two days later on the trip back it was sunny and much warmer, and the boat was full.  Many of the passengers were NYC fireman on their way to a golfing trip in Delaware.  If anybody deserved a golf outing, it would be them.

If you are interested in heading that way, I would recommend making a reservation rather than taking your chances, especially in the summer.  You will save no money taking the ferry; it is not cheap.  However, it is very relaxing, the views are great, you can get a meal on board and the non-drivers can get adult beverages; most civilized.

Armed Gaurd

6 Persons

Life Jackets


Deck Chairs (2)


Deck Chairs



Welcome to New Jersey


  1. I like ferries. Even if it takes longer, you don't have to think much, use your gas and you get to look at sea gulls. I think you made the right decision. Once anchored by Cape May in my sister's sail boat, we were boarded searched by the coast guard. It was pretty exciting. They had to quit in a hurry because they got a call that a whale was heading up river.

  2. That's a ferry I've never been on. Amazing that you'd have the Coasties escorting you out of port. Maybe they were having a slow day.

  3. I'd be sitting on those chairs watching enjoying the quiet. It looks like a nice relaxing trip into a otherwise hectic area. I like the pic of the lady in blue looking out....lots of wonderful colors going on in that pic.

  4. I've never taken that ferry ride before Les. Have to talk Hubby into checking that out with me soon. :)

  5. Delightful photojournalism! I could feel the seabreeze...

  6. When Charlie and I went on the ferry we stayed on the front. It was a beautiful day and the wind was blowing in my hair. When we got off the boat, my bangs were standing straight up!

  7. Fantastic ferry photos! I especially love the one of the benches. I love ferry travel too. This summer we took one to Elba Island, Italy and to Nantucket Island. It helps you transition into vacation mode and has old world classiness.

  8. I have always wanted to take that ferry. Your photos re beautiful.

  9. should have brought some water ski's. lol

  10. I love the deckchairs shot. I think there is something magical about ferries. As a child my Nan used to take me across Southampton Water on a chain ferry - I was so sad when it was replaced with a much more sensible bridge. Anything that involves lots of water and sky is wonderful. Throw in mountains, like you get on the west coast of Scotland around the Hebrides, and I am in heaven. A part of me has a hankering for Island living...

  11. Great photos! .....fond memories as we often take this ferry if we are heading to up to Beach Haven on Long Beach Island.....
    I especially love the lonely deck and empty chairs.....I would love to sit there and just watch the passing waves.

  12. Nellie,
    I'd have rather seen that whale than the Coasties boarding the boat.

    I was afraid all the extra security might have ruined the pleasure of the trip, such as travel by air, but it did not.

    I think that is my favorite shot as well. I took several of her and it was the color and cheerful solitude that attracted me.

    You should go, it nicely breaks up trips north.

    You know I'd circle the globe to capture a sea breeze for my readers.

    I had a similar "do" when we got off, but the trip was worth any bad hair.

    I like how it makes you feel that you have truly left something behind and are headed somewhere new.

    Thank you for the kind compliments.

    This was the most regulated ferry I have ever been on. Likely they would have frowned on the skis.

    There is a place my son and I went tubing this summer that still used a cable ferry across the river. I wish there were places much closer to me where mountains met the sea, the nearest being Maine, about a 15 hour drive north.

    That is exactly what we did, sit there and watch the water.


  13. Hi Les, As a child, I often made the trip from Dartmouth across the harbour to the sister city of Halifax (Nova Scotia) by ferry. I always loved that foggy ride.
    The L shape in the lighthouse shot makes the simple shot very dynamic and interesting. I also really like the shots of the benches and chairs.