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June 15, 2010

Bloom Day - Time of Plenty

This month's Bloom Day finds my garden in full bounty. We have been getting fairly regular rains, mostly in the form of storms, but welcome just the same. The temperatures have been climbing and buds have been opening, and even with the long winter we had, things are still a little ahead of schedule. This spring I have added more to the garden, gaining ground from pulling some things out that out grew their space or that had died. Most of what I added have been annuals along with a few perennials and one or two shrubs. One of the perks of my job is coming across free samples from growers, and I can tell you that wholesale nurseries are bending over backwards to get garden centers to buy their plants. Many of them are slashing prices, composting unsold material and looking twice at what they grow. There are also quite a few who are no longer in business.

Let's move on to cheerier things and head down the garden path where there has been no lack of Bloom Day subject matter.

Garden Path

Phlox paniculata 'Coral Creme Drop'

Phlox paniculata 'Coral Creme Drop'

Echinacea purpurea

Echinacea purpurea (2)

Cosmos bipinnatus

Cosmos bipinnatus

I am rich with Daylilies right now, but can not tell you which is which, except for the last one which is 'Smoky Mountain Autumn'.

Daylily 1.2

Daylily 11

Daylily 2.2

Daylily 'Smoky Mountain Autumn'

I am also rich with Hydrangeas. This one is Hydrangea macrophylla 'Sun Goddess'.

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Sun Goddess'

Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle'

Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle'

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Ayesha'

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Ayesha' 1 (2)

Pontederia cordata - Pickerel Rush

Pontederia cordata

Gardenia jasminoides 'August Beauty'

Gardenia jasminoides 'August Beauty'

If you would like to see what is blooming in other blogger's gardens, visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens who hosts Garden Bloggers Bloom Day on the 15th of every month. Thank you Carol!


  1. Hiya Les,

    You are rich indeed.
    In flowers and in Summer itself. Most of what you show is still a gleam in the eye of the beholder over here. Or a vague memory from last year that you hope will come again. Daylilies, Hydrangea: we are closer to Spring tulips that to those typical (late-) Summer flowers.
    Image 1275/4701967196_8ecb7c8072_b.jpg is startling on your black

  2. Les, you weren't kidding when you said it's a time of plenty! Whoa!! Your garden is surely plentiful with bloom, and your lilies are fantastic!

  3. You have some lovely blooms here Les. I truly enjoyed seeing what is going on in your neck of the woods.

  4. Les, I won't say an embarrassment of riches, because who could be embarrassed by such a display!

  5. Very beautiful photos, I appreciate being able to look at them without names watermarked on them, like so many blogs have lately. Makes me look at the name more than the photo ! I bet nurseries and growers are slashing prices because it is a luxury item for a home, not a necessity like food , mortgage, etc. Thanks for the tour, Gina

  6. I love the colors in that first photo and the daylily shots are stunning. You could sell those!

  7. Wow, your photos are spectacular, and I am in love with your secret garden pathway.

    Is it HOT up there on your end of the NC Coast? We're melting down here, but at least we have the ocean.

    Happy Bloom Day!

  8. Serious drama going on in your garden! Love the view down the path. Daylilies and a great photographer are a match made in heaven.

  9. Wow - what incredible pictures. Thanks for sharing

  10. Your lilies are just gorgeous! And the photographs you've taken are really great! Love all the detail!

  11. Les, Your photographs are stunning! I worry about nurseries and I do hope that they will be o.k., because we NEED plants! :)

  12. Beautiful photos, and an interesting perspective. I've started to grow more from seed, but also try to go to local nurseries and buy a few things once a month or so. It's so important to have them around.

    Happy bloom day!

  13. Beautiful! That first picture was a great lead-off too, it just draws you in. Looking at it I wonder how long it will be before I am tearing up the grass on either side of our path to the patio and planting more plants.

  14. Your photos are as stunning as your blooms. The chartreuse daylily is just wonderful. I can imagine that paired with so many things. And those Hydrangeas - wow!

  15. You are rich indeed with gardens overflowing with beauty. That garden path is my favorite.

  16. i too like the view down the garden path... surely there's more room for another rescued plant in there...? lovely blooms you have, happy bloom day!

  17. Gorgeous blooms perfectly photographed.

  18. Happy GBD! The rain has done your garden well. My favorite shot is that perfect gardenia. I can almost smell it. Lovely!

    I’m sorry to hear that gardening centers are suffering. I spent a bunch at our local nursery.

  19. Wow, gardenia are notoriously difficult plants. I read several hilarious threads from masochistic people who just couldn't give up trying to grow them. You must have the touch. It is lovely.

  20. Everything is so beautiful! Your images make me miss my camera terribly - some gorgeous shots - 'Annabelle' is one of my favorite hydrangeas, besides 'Blaumeise' - and yours is just stunning.

    Unfortunately we have been terribly hot and dry - the lack of rain is becoming crippling after a winter with rain. Everything in my garden seems frozen, hunkered down, and depressed. It's nice to see a garden as lush as yours.

  21. Beautiful bounty Les! I love it when you take us down the path. Lovely light!! Your photographs are stunning as always. ;>)

  22. Beautiful blooms for Bloom Day Les! I love the combination of that Phlox with the Cannas, nice contrast between the pink flowers & the burgundy foliage. You have a wonderful variety of Daylillies too in your garden. That first shot with the path was my favorite. :)

  23. Jo,
    Enjoy your tulips and don't be in a rush to have summer get here too soon.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    It is good to hear from you again and thanks for stopping by.

    No, I am not embarrassed, maybe even prideful.

    I can understand the need for watermarks. If I find my photos where they do not belong, maybe I will have to resort to this too.

    Thanks, but I already have a job.

    Im not quite in NC, but just over the line in VA, however it is hot just the same.

    Daylilies make it easy to photograph. Some flowers are difficult, but not them.

    You are welcome!

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Plants are definately available, but the number of places where you can buy them may be shrinking.

    Town Mouse,
    I have no patience for seeds and only grow them if I can not find them already started.

    The path shot was a last minute change, and I am glad I did it.

    The chartreuse daylily is one of my largest and only the throat is that color. It fades to the edges in a big yellow way.

    Thank you, I like that shot as well.

    I brought home another orphan just the other day and am waiting to figure out where to put it.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Unfortunately half of my gardenia had to be removed, it just up and died. I am not sure why, but will keep an eye on the other half.

    Around here gardenias are hardy, but still do better in a sheltered spot. They also must have perfect drainage.

    Of course Annabelle is your favorite!

    Thanks for the comment, the gate is always open.

    Thanks! The pholx is brand new and comes highly recommended and was my first summer phlox.