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May 31, 2010

In Remembrance

Hampton National Cemetery - Memorial Day 2010 (5)

Hampton National Cemetery - Memorial Day 2010 (2)

Hampton National Cemetery - Memorial Day 2010 (4)

These photos were taken this Memorial Day at Hampton National Cemetery. The first burials took place here in 1862 and were those of Union Soldiers from nearby Fort Monroe, however there are also Confederates interred here as well, but in their own section. Although full now, it contains the remains of soldiers who served in conflicts from the Civil War to those of the late 20th century, including over 600 unknown soldiers. During World War II Italian and German POWs were buried here, as well as the crew from a German U-boat sunk off of nearby Cape Hatteras in 1942. I find it poignant that animosity was set aside among the dead, and all soldiers are honored.

In a sea of headstones, I turned around to get some closer shots and right behind me was this one, and I could not help noting the soldier's birth date.

Born on the Fourth of July

On this weekend when Americans celebrated the start of summer by thickening the waters with boats, tending the grill, or heading to the beach - I hope there was also some time to remember.


  1. Looking at your images reminded me that Madison has an area in Forest Hill Cemetery here that is known as Confederate Rest. It is the northern most burial site of Confederate soldiers in the nation. They were POWs mainly captured at Island No. 10 in the Mississippi River near Cairo, Ill.

  2. The news just ran a story about the Memorial Day service here in the Presidio. Apparently more people go to it every year. I'd like to go next year.

  3. How unusual to have Confederates buried in a national cemetery ... even in a separate section. Here in Fredericksburg, ne'er the twain shall meet, as they say. The Union soldiers are buried on Marye's Heights, and the Confederates are buried in their section of the city cemetery a few blocks away, and in small cemeteries in many towns around here.

    Lovely photos!

  4. A poignant post indeed Les. Hope you had a pleasant Memorial Day weekend. :)

  5. Very fitting indeed. Also very moving.

  6. I wonder in how many cemetaries Union and Confederate soldiers are buried together.

    The last war my family members served in was WW II. One, my grandmother's half brother, survived a Japanese war camp.

  7. What a beautiful tribute. I enjoyed your pictures and post very much. I left a challenge for you on my blog. :)

  8. Nice tribute Les. Your photos captured the moment.

  9. Linda,
    I had no idea that there were Confederates buried that far north, interesting!

    The state here is about to regain control of Ft. Monroe after the base closes, and one of the models for what to do with this treasure is the Presidio.

    Fredickburg was one of the epicenters of the war. I am sure you might have to be careful where you put a shovel.

    Other than having to work, it was not a bad weekend.


    Sweet Bay,
    I had one grandfather in WWII and one in WWI, which still amazes me.

    Thank you very much. I will address the challenge in another post.

    Thank your for your comments and for stopping by.


  10. Les, beautiful photos and tribute. Thank you.

  11. Nice and impressive tribute, nice and symbolic photography. Well done!