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November 22, 2009

My Blue Heaven

Ipomoea tricolor 'Heavenly Blue'

The picture above is of Heavenly Blue Morning Glories (Ipomoea tricolor 'Heavenly Blue') and is my entry for Garden Gone Wild's Picture This Photo Contest for the month of November, whose theme is "The End of the Line". These were the last of the flowers to bloom on this plant, as shortly after this picture was taken we dipped into lower, but not freezing temperatures that were enough to stunt this plant's vigor. This cold spell was shortly followed by almost 8" of swamping rain during last week's Nor'easter, effectively relegating the plant to just a pleasant fall memory. I like this picture for more than the obviously beautiful flowers, I also like the contrast between the supple vine and the the rigid line of barbwire (with all its connotations). Since today is the last day to submit photos for the contest, my procrastination fits with the theme as well.


  1. Beautiful color.

    Always Growing

  2. You were out and about {and around :)} early this morning.
    I see you've gone for a prickly theme for your first PT.
    That is definitely blue. Don't know what I envy more: the capability to grow Ipomea or that sky.

  3. Les .. this is a remarkable photo for so many reasons (and I think it is a winner !) the blue on blue actually lifts the view's spirits .. I know that was my first reaction to it .. and yes the contrast of the barb wire is forefront .. that amazing blue though .. it impacts the viewer in so many ways : )
    Perfect PICTURE !
    Joy : )

  4. Beautiful. I think morning glories were one of the first garden plants I knew as a child. Brings back memories.

  5. LES!!!! Submit your entry! I was just over at GGW and your link is not there. I finally submitted mine.
    Love the blue sky with the Morning Glory!

  6. I love the constrast of shades between the flowers and the sky.

  7. Les, beautiful lines and color and especially the contrast of texture - the barbed wire with the delicate blossom. You take such wonderful photos.

  8. ok, never mind, your entry popped up just above mine--though I swear it wasn't there when I added mine..........???

  9. Great capture... like Joy, I find the contrast between the delicate blue-on-blue and rusted barbed wire to be striking.

  10. There's nothing like blue. Great Entry!

  11. Your pic should be on a seasonal calendar. It's saturated color against the blue sky automatically makes me feel better about winter. Mine tend to turn pink as they age and before they drop. Well, not pink, but pinker.

  12. Very, very lovely morning glory and contrast with the wire. I'd give you extra credit for adding to the theme with your last day posting... that's a very good idea in fact. LOL

  13. Jan,
    Yes it is a beautiful color.

    I am usually up very early, even when I have the luxury to sleep late, I can't. Around here this plant grows wild, much to the disgust of local farmers.

    Garden Joy,
    I glad I could give a lift this Sunday.

    Not saying this is you, but we get teenagers in the garden center every spring looking for these seeds, but I don't think they want to start a garden.

    Thanks for looking out for me, even if my post did come up later. I got one of those "as soon as it is moderated" messages.

    Sweet Bay,
    I almost titled it Two Blue.

    You are going to make my head swell.

    The city dweller in me loves to see those contrasts too.

    Thanks for your comments.

    I'll be pedaling the image to local insurance agencies and wholesale restaurant suppliers for their gift of appreciation calendars.

    I hope to get that extra credit. Thanks for stopping by.


  14. Wow Les, an excellent photo! Good luck in the contest.

  15. Les, A wonderful entry into the contest...and what a juxtaposition; delicate beauty and barbed wire! Good luck! gail

  16. Wow, what an electric blue on the morning glories. Stunning combination and well worth submitting to GGW.

  17. Beautiful Les.
    Great contrast in all regards.
    Nothing more to say! Well other than good luck.


  18. It's wonderful, Les. A winner for sure. Who can beat those blues and the barbed wire is the perfect touch for the topic too. Good luck!


  19. Beautiful and poetic... Your morning glory vine is oblivious to the thorny barbs... anything to twine around. Good luck! You are right about the calls of the Great Blue Herons... another blue for you. Though as you say they are endearing to one another, rather course to the rest of us.

  20. Blue - my favorite color. Lovely. My yard tends to get taken over by morning glories though.

  21. Danger G.,
    Thank you very much.

    Thank you also. I will need the luck, there over 80 entrants this time.

    Helen Y.,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

    I love contrast, it makes both sides look better.

    Thank you!

    Thanks for the good luck.

    I was worried I was stretching the topic on this one.

    My dogs disturbed a Great Blue this morning and he/she/it was very vocal in its annoyance.

    Yes they are lovely weeds.


  22. I love the blue on blue. Good luck, fellow procrastinator! I opted not to grow Morning Glories because I was afraid Buddy would swipe a flower and get really sick. Maybe next spring on the mailbox.

  23. What a great photograph! I love this morning glory (although it gets invasive up my way)- how wonderful it looks on that fence.

    Hope you've had a good Thanksgiving weekend!

  24. Took my breath away.

  25. Lynn,
    Looks like your best wishes were not enough. There is always next month.

    It seems to be invasive just about everywhere.

    I hope you have duely recovered.