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November 20, 2009

Coming To A Living Room Near You

Christmas Tree Truck

Yesterday at work we got in our Christmas tree truck. These are all Fraser Firs grown deep in the mountains of North Carolina. It took us about 2 hours to unload the truck (by hand) and the rest of the day to get them set up, and I'll be back at today and tomorrow. We re-cut each tree, drill a hole in the bottom, put them in water filled stands and spray them with Wilt-Pruf. Even though I had excellent young, and not so young help, my body is feeling every day of its age this morning.


  1. OMG !! That must have smelled like heaven although I understand how much work it must be .. I have not seen a truck like that close up so thanks for the great picture !!
    Joy (almost thinking of Xmas !)

  2. ahhh aging.....though I am sure everyone who was helping yesterday is feeling the effects today.

  3. I can't believe it's getting so close to christmas already!

  4. Cool! I love the smell but for us we will have an artificial one.

  5. I love the smell of real Christmas trees. We have artificial trees because we put them up so early (however, that is now a thing of the past!).

  6. Does the wilt-pruf work on people too?

  7. Garden Joy,
    It is indeed a lot of work and after another day of it I am still feeling it.

    I still amaze myself that I am able to keep up with the high schoolers. However, I do make them do most of the heavy lifting as my back can't handle it anymore.

    Since Thanksgiving is later this year, and there is less time between it and Christmas, I got the trees in a little early. But yes I am having a hard time thinking about it.

    The smell is very nice and has done a great job of masking the oders of sweaty teenagers and middle aged men.

    Unless you cut the tree yourself, they are all cut in early to mid November, no matter who you get them from.

    Phillip M.,
    It works to clog your pores and it is work to get it off your skin.


  8. Sounds like a lot of work! Frazier Firs are the best Christmas trees. I love that smell.

  9. WIsh I could have been there to help. I eat that kind of labor up, though I'm sure it begins to pall after awhile.

    Can't wait for my Christmas tree. I don't get one every year (makes no sense to do so if I'm traveling over the holidays), but when I do, I always love it to pieces.

    This year I'm sending the hubs off to visit his folks in Chicago but I'm staying home. I'm going to curl up under my tree with a mug of spiced cider and a good book.

  10. Sweet Bay,
    They are the only kind we will ever sell.

    We could have used the extra help. Enjoy your tree!


  11. I know it is an industry an important economy ... brings joy to millions but somehow that picture saddens me. All except the aroma that must have enveloped you Les. Feeling our age ... now there is something I can relate to ... especially after working with weapons on my land... a bit of my own selective slaughter... weed whacking! On a hillside... must take more breaks. Icing helps me. Carol

  12. Thank you Les!!!! Yippee!! They came from NC. Woot.