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June 18, 2008

Liquid Relief

Yesterday, very early in the morning, we finally got some rain, around an inch. It was accompanied with loud claps and bright bolts and had Loretta (the weather dog) on high alert for hours. Although the gardeners and farmers breathed a sigh of relief, we are still 3" below normal in this area and near 11" below in parts of North Carolina. Unfortunately the fires still burn on, and the forecast for today is sunny skies, low to mid 80's with afternoon smoke.


  1. Hiya Les,

    I am glad you met up with ki and have him on your list now: you are both high quality and similar.

    The thought of all this smoke makes my throat hurt. Can't imagine anything more galling in this month of lovely garden perfume.

    Loretta the weather dog had me a tad puzzled: we mostly have weather girls over here on TV and you can guess what I was wondering ;-)

    Don't care for raindrops on roses, but it looks good on the iris. And to you it probably looks good on anything at the moment.

  2. Jade, our matronly black lab/border collie mix (she's in the Ellis Hollow banner) heads for the bathtub or linen closet depending on the severity of the approaching storm. I have to carry her up the stairs at night these days. But if the storm is scary enough, she'll run up to the upstairs closet quick enough.

  3. Craig,
    Our other dog is not affected by storms, but she is in the autumn of her life and does not move much - unless of course she hears food packaging being opened, plates being scraped or the lid on the Milk Bone jar being lifted.

    Thanks for stopping by. Your peony picture made me reach for a bowl and spoon.