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June 21, 2008

Hemerocallophilia - Isn't There a Pill for That Yet?

At work today it was our annual Flower Festival - the last big weekend before the summer sales doldrums set in. Among other things, we put a lot of things on sale, had bee keepers visit, offered wine tastings, had local artists display, had book signings and helped the Isle of Wight Humane Society raise funds. However, the whole event seems to be a vehicle for moving Daylilies, and we had a lot to move. Our display gardens are full of them as well. Daylilies are about the only plant we propagate a portion of ourselves, everything else we bring in from wholesale growers. Although I have not joined the cult yet, several of my fellow employees are active members of the Tidewater Daylily Society, and I guess you could say it is one of our signature plants.

Although I make often light of it, I can't deny that there are some striking blooms on the market right now, and I have more than a few myself. All of these shots were taken at work this week while the Daylilies were at their seasonal peak - and this time I took names.

CleopatraDakar Eye Yi Yi
Grey Witch
Lake Effect
Lavender Arrowhead
Nell Mcreery Ruby Spider
So Many Stars
Spacecoast Cranberry
Wild Horses

If this was not enough for you, next Sunday the 29th, at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, the Tidewater Daylily Society will be having their annual show. If you want more information you can visit them here.


  1. I only have a few different kinds of daylilies, so perhaps don't need medication just yet for Hemerocallophilia - but you guys have quite the selection! I liked the ones with the more narrow flower petals the best - some of those are really nice and I sure wouldn't mind those mixed into my garden somewhere (that doesn't make me a hemerocallophiliac, does it?)

  2. 'Gray Witch' and 'Nell Mcreery' do it for me.

  3. That anonymous post is actually Craig at Ellis Hollow. I just hit enter accidently.

  4. They are as tough as old boots, aren't they?

    I tried to throw some away and put them in a black garbage bag last year. As usual, forgot about them and found the bag in the depths of the garden earlier this spring. All those roots had sprouted and were fighting to get out. I poked some holes in the bag and stuffed it in a large container. Rolled back the top and never added soil. They are now flowering.
    My kind of plant ;-)

  5. Pam,
    Many addictions start innocently enough and before you know it you are hooked.

    I also like the Grey Witch because it is such an odd color. Nell was about 8" across which is as big as any I have seen.

    Thanks for your comments, come back often.

    We also call Daylilies - Ditch Lilies or Outhouse (privy) Lilies. They are indeed tough.

  6. Pretty and labeled, too!

    clay and limestone