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April 1, 2017


How leisurely the cherry
blossoms bloom this year, unhurried,
by their doom

Kinu, 1817

Prunus x yedoensis Prunus x yedoensis 3 Prunus x yedoensis 2


  1. sigh ... it's snowing here and we're all going stir crazy waiting for spring.

    I see the quote at the top was from 200 years ago. Lovely poem.

  2. What a lovely and uplifting display of cherry blossoms. In this year's NW Flower and Garden show, the Seattle Arboretum's display garden celebrated Hanami, which was my introduction to this Japanese tradition.

  3. So beautiful!! I lost our cherry blossoms in the freeze. :o(

  4. Oh wow..I love cherry blossoms.
    Thanks for the wonderful photos,they're really beautiful.

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