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November 30, 2016

A Few Recent Photos

     All of the following photos were taken last Friday morning near my parents' house on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. As we do most years, we were visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday. I've posted photos from this place, and from this time of year, many times before, so I apologize for the repetition, but each morning can be new. The photos reinforce my love for this narrow sliver of land squeezed between a vast sky and broad waters.

Towards Walston Creek

Lang Farm Rd

Lang Farm Rd (3)

Lang Farm Rd (4) />

Lang Farm Rd (6)

Lang Farm Rd (5)

The Pavilion (1)

Metompkin Bay (1)

Metompkin Bay (10)

Metompkin Bay (11)

Metompkin Bay (12)

Metompkin Bay (8)


  1. Les, it's all so beautiful. I can see why you love it so. I especially found the dock on the bay restful this morning. Thank you. ~~Dee

  2. Yes, I especially liked the dock one, too. Very strong line leading you into the photo. Looks like you had a gorgeous walk.

  3. Beautiful photographs of a stunning landscape!

  4. Your photos are always a special treat, Les. Thank you for sharing them. They lift my spirits which are pretty low these days. Beauty is healing.

  5. Loved all of these images- would be hard to pick a favorite

  6. Yes, as Hoover Boo said, beauty is healing, and these photos reminded me of that. Thanks so much.

  7. Magical. The grassy mash curing into the water is just wonderful. Posting a new set of pictures every Thanksgiving is perfect.

  8. Wow! I always love your photos but these are exceptionally good. I especially love the second and the penultimate shots. What a gorgeous slice of the planet!

  9. I can't imagine ever tiring of this landscape.

  10. Can't pick a favorite of your favorites. They are all wonderful. Have a Happy New Year!