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January 24, 2014


     This winter's about to kill me, but I'm not longing for spring. I've moved on to summer.


Lang Farm Road (2)

Two on the Beach

July Meadow (4)

Jobe's Island (6)

Heirloom Tomatoes (4)

Marlin Mania


Behind the Store

Red Lincoln


  1. This IS a hard to get through winter. I will wish for summer right along with you.

    Your cornfield photo is my favorite.

  2. I've got too much to do before summer arrives, for once I'm excited about everyday between now and then almost as much as the then.

  3. Oh, Less, I can't imaging going through such prolong cold weather. I hope it will not inflict too much damage on your garden or your soul. I remember some of these beautiful pictures form their original post, they are just as uplifting now as they were then. The tip of your red kayak is amazing. What's the work like in the Botanical Garden during times like this?

  4. I'm right there with you. :) I'm hoping for an early spring after such an extended streak of cold. Maybe we'll get lucky!

  5. Red Zinnias, beautiful. Only flower more summery is orange Zinnias. Nice summer photos. I think denial is really underrated as a survival strategy.

  6. What a nice respite in your photos. The winter this year is quite a change to what has been over the past few years. It seems to be catching up with the drought of summers in places. I can imagine in Southern places, many plants will not be in gardens next summer. I even wonder about up here where many have installed plants on the limit of the planting zones. Too much complacency in how the winter weather has been easy with which to live.

  7. No kidding Les, wish we could turn up the temps a little. Your beautiful "warm" pictures have helped me realize there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Vikki in VA

  8. Your summer is most beautiful! Hang in there it won't be long now.

  9. So beautiful, and so very unlike the dull drab grey outside my window - apart form the witch hazel which is magical.

  10. its been unbearable in Kansas also. nice walk.

  11. Gorgeous summer images! Thanks, that helped me with my winter blues. We'll get there.