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November 10, 2013

Perfect Timing at Waller Mill Park

     Each fall I try to have some sort of outing in order to appreciate fall foliage. It could be camping in the Shenandoah, a hike at Chippokes, or a day spent wandering through Colonial Williamsburg. While I am grateful for all of these opportunities, for some of them I felt like I missed peak color, and wish I had been there a week earlier, or realized that I had gotten there too soon. I had none of these feelings after a recent kayak trip to Waller Mill Park in Williamsburg. The colors were absolutely beautiful, and it was a perfect fall day.

Waller Mill Park (1)

Waller Mill Park (21)

Waller Mill Park (48)

     The shoreline of Waller Mill Reservoir had more sourwood (Oxydendrum arboreum) than I have ever seen anywhere else. For something with a bit of notoriety as to how difficult it is to cultivate, the hundred or so I saw were doing fine on their own.
Waller Mill Park (54)

Waller Mill Park (34)

Waller Mill Park (44)

Waller Mill Park (23)

Waller Mill Park (25)

Waller Mill Park (26)

Waller Mill Park (4)

Waller Mill Park (17)

Waller Mill Park (19)

Waller Mill Park (20)

Waller Mill Park (12)

Waller Mill Park (11)


  1. Sigh...A really gorgeous fall, what a wonderful way to spend time! I do love fall's reflection in the water.

  2. These pictures are beautiful! I love the ones of the leaves in the water and the sky reflection!

  3. No kidding, you sure timed it right! Gorgeous color and the water doubles all that beauty. It's snowing here and our apple trees still have most of their foliage!

  4. Nice to see the sourwood in the wild. We planted one here just last year...

  5. Just beautiful! We were just in northern Virginia and the Sourwoods are in peak foliage.
    I would like to use more Sourwoods in my gardens. I had not heard about their difficulties. Is there a trick I should know about?

  6. Lovely Les. And it doesn't look too cold.

  7. Ahhhh.... If I shut my eyes, I can hear the paddle pulling against the water and the ripples against the kayak. Beautiful photos. I miss those Tidewater autumns.

  8. Glorious, you take such beautiful photographs, particularly of water.

  9. You have captured that perfect fall day on the water. Gorgeous!

  10. How wonderful to get peak foliage, perfect weather at a gorgeous site. Your photos capture the bright autumn light so well. This was nice to see after our gray day with only brown leaves barely clinging to the trees. Nice to have you back online too!

  11. New England would be envious of all of that color. Gorgeous photos too. I'll have to show them to my sorrel trees so they know how they're supposed to look.

  12. You have make beautiful photos!
    Greetings from Holland, RW & SK

  13. As much as we all love Spring, the colors of Autumn are unmatched. What an opportunity to show off your camera talent, Less. With sun shining through them or floating on the water, the leafs steal the show this time of year. And what a show it is!

  14. I LOVE Sourwood, a neighbor has a couple and they are gorgeous this time of year. I really want one. Waller Mill Reservoir is a great spot.