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February 27, 2012

Low Water Mark

On the way home from work yesterday, I was listening to a CD I didn't want to end so I decided to drive around the river while the music played out (yes I know, what a shameful waste of fuel).  Anyway, when I got to the river I quickly forgot about the music as I was distracted by the lack of water.  Boats were resting on the muddy bottom, floating docks were not, and the creeks around my house looked more like drainage ditches. The pictures below were taken on the Elizabeth River where the freakishly low tide granted me access to places where normally I would have been up to my neck in cold brine.



Norfolk Sitz

Missing Bike


So Low (3)

So Low (4)

If you tuned in for pretty plant pictures, I am sorry, but I am going to try to do that next, especially since there are so many photo ops popping up in my garden right now. Since you are here, I might as well remind you my Winter Walk-Off 2012, which is open until 3/19.


  1. I'm not here just for the pretty flowers. I'm here for the exposed benthos!

  2. I'm happy just to see the photography :)

  3. Michael,
    The gulls were there for the exposed benthos also. I should have recorded all the bubbling and gurgling coming from the mud.

    I am glad you enjoyed it.


  4. Unreal, Les! Are those cranes in the background at NIT or is that Craney Island?

    We're going home for a visit the middle of next month and I've got several shooting ideas in my field notes that were inspired by your shots.

  5. Hi Les, who cares for wonderful flowers when there's a lot of more awesome photos! Anyway we have lots of orchids and flowers here. Maybe it is time of the year when the water is at the other end of the earth, and you came during deep low tide. Or maybe waters have already dropped here with us causing floods and landslides, that the stock is depleted and no more to drop by your end, haha! Anyhow, that 2nd to the last one is extremely awesome, if I were you, i dont want the scene to end! Marvelous and delightful. In fact i want it as my screensaver! But it takes eternity to download the pages!

  6. I plan to get my winter walk off done by the time. Your reminder sure helps me out. This week is a very busy week though. Why is the tide so low? It's not a full moon right now. Is there another gravitational pull that is making it go out so far? The mud flats are pretty with all the ripples.

  7. How did my bike get there?
    Thought provoking pictures. Thank you!

  8. Interesting pictures. I especially love the next to last. Makes me miss the ocean.

  9. Cinder blocks and bicycles, man. That is pretty low tide. What is the cycle of the moon? Think we are pretty close to a new moon....therefore= low tides.
    love the sunset photo.

  10. Hey Les, I noticed the Back River in Hampton was really low yesterday morning too, although I only get a glimpse through a gap in the trees on my way to work. It was way below the NOAA prediction, so I'm thinking it was primarily wind driven.

  11. So listening to music pays off in many ways. How interesting to see such low water. Was it the moon in venus/jupiter? Hmmmmm....

  12. I'm not disappointed at all - my favorite posts are always your landscapes. I especially like the textured sand and water. The sky reminds me of my sky in Maine, although much warmer.

  13. Beautiful lighting and scenery. The ocean is a wonderful place to just be.

  14. Is this low tide a bad sign? A good event for photos, however.

  15. Wow, thank you for sharing. Btw, did you ever find out why the tide was especially low? gail

  16. Chip,
    Those cranes are from NIT, and I am glad to inspiring.

    Thanks for coming to the other side of the world for a visit. I saw all the news footage of the flooding and landsides and it looked so miserable.

    I can only think it was due to the new moon, but that was several day s previous.

    You may want to scrape the barnacles off of the seat before you ride again.

    I like the ripples too.

    I am thinking it was the lingering affects of the new moon, or all the planets lining up with it.

    I forgot about the wind. We are so used to worrying about nor'easters here that perhaps the opposite was in play.

    I am not sure listening to music pays off as much as it makes life all that much more enjoyable.

    I am fond of your landscapes too, or rather your seascapes.

    While not the ocean proper, it is pretty darn close.

    As often as we are flooded here, which is only going to get worse - I'll say low tide is a good sign.

    I am going with a combo of moon, planets, wind and photographic serendipity.


  17. Wow, that sure is a low tide! Even though trash, I like the picture of the bike for some reason...

    Your stroll around was nice also. I really enjoyed the story of the boat and oil filled bottles and also got a chuckle about the ramp. I can see how easy it would be to end up in the water.

    Wonderful pictures as always!