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November 10, 2011

Déjà Vu on Duke of Gloucester

This past Saturday the three of us, plus canines, made our fall pilgrimage to Colonial Williamsburg.  The weather was chilly, but not cold, appropriate for the season.  Our timing was good as this was likely the peak weekend for fall color in Williamsburg, and the trees did not disappoint.  For this post we will skip the history lessons and just enjoy the photos, but if you want to learn more just click on the Williamsburg label in my sidebar for several previous visits.

Duke of Gloucester St (3)

Maple Orange (3)

Birch, Dogwood, Bruton's Parrish (2)

Yellow Berried Holly

Duke of Gloucester St (2)

Hydrangea quercifolia

Duke of Gloucester St

Cornus florida

Duke of Gloucester St.

Duke of Gloucester St (6)

Green Roof (2)

Colonial Nursery (5)


The next few shots were taken in the Adams Garden on the William and Mary campus.

Adams Garden (2)

Adams Garden (6)

Adams Garden (9)

The weeping tree below is Cascade Falls Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum 'Cascade Falls'), a newer cultivar.

Adams Garden (4)

We will end our day trip by taking my favorite way home on the Jamestown-Scotland ferry. It crosses the James River and is one of Virginia's great free treasures, plus it is often quicker and always less frustrating then I-64.

On Board (2)

On Board (3)

On Board


  1. I'm sorry I'm missing the leaves this year. Not much color down here in Florida.

  2. Nice collection. Such a pretty time to visit CW. And the ferry ride never needs an excuse!

  3. Williamburg is so beautiful, and I would love to visit it in the fall. Thanks for the tip about the ferry--free?!?

  4. I confess to a great fondness for fall..

  5. Thanks Les, for sharing these gorgeous scenes. Colonial Williamsburg is one of my most favorite destinations. We were there in December a few years ago, and the natural decor on the doors, etc. changed my idea of Christmas decor.

  6. Gorgeous! The fall color stunning. The ferry ride too. We have a little ferry not far from me and I love taking it-for a dollar. Free is awesome.

  7. A beautiful outing, particularly as seen through your lens.

  8. Les, I've never been to Williamsburg. You've amped up my interest to get there to see the fall color and the W&M campus...Beautiful photos and the dogs are so cute. gail

  9. What a display of beauty! Fall is a wonderful season and the proof for that are these amazing colors! What a nice place, you show us so many beautiful paradises in the USA, thanks for that!

  10. Beautiful. Given the lack of dramatic autumn colour here, it was good to enjoy yours. That second image in particular really lifted my spirits on what is a very dull grey damp day.

  11. I enjoyed your trip and all the images. I like visiting Williamsburg and have not in so long. It is such a beautiful place.