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June 2, 2011

My Memorial Day

Today was my Memorial Day.  I know it is several days after the fact, but I had to work Monday, so I took today off instead, and do not have to go back until Sunday.  Working retail means you have to be there when the customers are, and just when I am ready to bitch about the hours, I think back to my last career in hotel/resort management and its 24/7/365 schedule.  I also need to remind myself to be happy I have a job - this on a day when the news is full of stories about the anemic economy, but I could have told them that.

So I spent my Memorial Day reading The Help by Katheryn Stockett, tipped up the house a bit and watered my very, very dry garden.  We are nearly 6.5" below normal for rainfall, and we have had a week of 90 degree weather.  Local lawns are turning brown, and if I had one I might care.  However, there are many local grasses that are not dry.  The area marshes have completed their transformation into summer green and never lack for water.  On the way back from my son's guitar practice tonight, I glimpsed the light from the evening sun illuminating the banks of a local creek.  I dropped him off, grabbed my camera and headed back out, but the moment had passed.  So not one to waste a delightful evening, I headed down the street to the Lafayette to watch the sunset, enjoy the warm salt air and to contemplate tomorrow.

Lafayette River


  1. Les, it's a beautiful sunset, and so fitting for memorial day.

    I think I know what happened to your rain: if fell here in Seattle, instead, plus much much more.

    We are having a cool and rainy spring. This weekend, for the first time since last fall, we'll rise above 72°.
    Garden garden here I come!

  2. I wish I could send some of our cold, wet weather you way. Shall we trade for that gorgeous sunset?

  3. A picture that allows one to jump into it. The tone of your writing certainly matched what I imagined your day to be.

  4. Hi Les, I started reading The Help just the other day. I am only a couple chapters in and so it is too early to be declaring it to be a great book, but I can say that I am really enjoying reading it thus far. Have a nice weekend.

  5. don't soak up all the salt air,Les. We're headed that way in 10 days for our share. Can't wait to wander the beach along the Chesapeake Bay again.

  6. I loved The Help. What did you think? I can't believe you are so far behind on rain. Even with the 90 degree week, the soil in my beds is still moist--in the shade.

  7. Hey, I just applied for unemployment for the fist time in my life. I don't get why it's so hard to create jobs--especially in green tech, which would give us a second renaissance and spur god knows how many other jobs. But, that's just my 35 cents that I have in my pocket.

  8. Hey everyone, I am sorry to be so late returning the comments, but that is how I roll lately, as they say, whoever they are.

    Thanks for coming all the way across the country. Though we had some good rain last night, we could use some more and out of the hole is nowhere in sight.

    I'll keep my sunset, but wish you better weather.

    Thanks for jumping in.

    I just found out there is movie coming out based on the book. I looked on line and the trailer is easy to find if you are interested.

    I hope you have a great time on trip "home".

    I loved The Help and managed to finish it in a matter of a few days. Even though I did not grow up in that world the characters were quite familiar to me.

    Wow, unemployment? This is news and I am sorry for you, but I've been there done that and know you will get through.