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July 7, 2010

The Road to Sandbridge

Over the weekend we had very atypical summer weather with temperatures barely in the 80's, crystal blue skies, light breezes and almost no humidity. It was perfect weather for the Independence Day holiday, and so different from the oppressive heat and haze we are now in. Saturday I headed to Sandbridge with my son and two of his friends, where the beach conditions were just as ideal as the weather. The water was clear, free of jellyfish, had decent waves and the occasional dolphin with lines of pelicans flying overhead. In spite of constantly making sure neither of the boys drowned or got embarrassingly out of hand, it was a very enjoyable day.

The roads that lead to and from Sandbridge go through some of the last rural areas of Virginia Beach and by several family run farmer's markets. On the way home we stopped at Bay Breeze Farms, and I managed to come away with the best watermelon, fresh tomatoes, peaches, blueberries and the first corn of the season. What caught my eye and made me pull into this place over the other choices were its fields of Zinnias and Sunflowers.

Zinnia (3)

Zinnia (2)

Zinnia (5)

Zinnia (7)

Zinnia (6)

Sunflower (2)

Zinnia (4)




  1. Now THAT is a true cutting garden and a bright and colorful one at that. Awesome! Glad your 4th was good. The weather was unreal for the south but most appreciated.

  2. Sounds like a picture perfect day. Zinnias do not like my garden or me I have decided. They never look very full or colorful when they grow. thanks, Gina

  3. Those are BEAUTIFUL! I am a Florida gardener. We are thinking of moving to Virginia, and I am already thrilled by all the flowers I will be able to grow there. To think there are fields of such flowers is more than I can imagine! Do you buy them right out of the field. I believe you posted a link to Sterrett Gardens also. I went there and could not believe the fields of daylilies! I am going to need acres for all the flowers I want to buy! :)

  4. Those flowers and their colors say "Summer's here!"

  5. Zinnias are a sentimental favorite - thank you for sharing.

  6. Great pictures! There is nothing like a whole field of flowers. We head to Sandbridge pretty often but I've never stopped at Bay Breeze farms. Going have to do that.

  7. Beautiful fields. Perfect for running naked through.

  8. Tina,
    Thanks for the comment. I just got back from a long weekend and it looks as if we are enjoying another nice spell, complete with rain.

    I am not sure why these have no mildew and look so go, perhaps the farmer is not afraid to spray.

    Virginia is a great place to live, but not without its issues, what place isn't? These flowers were sold as cut bunches in the market next to the field.

    Yes they do and yes it is.

    You are welcome. I remember my mom planting these when I was a kid. She liked to cut them and bring them in the house and would dry some to use in the winter.

    It wasn't a bad market and I was serious that the flowers made me stop.

    We kept our sandy clothes on.


  9. That does look nice if there's no humidity! :)

  10. Very stunning and brilliant Zinnias! Good photos!

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