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March 29, 2010

3 Dogs, 3 Inches

Three Dogs, Three Inches

We got over 3" of rain since last night. It was heaviest this morning, and I had to push the dogs out the back door so they could get their business done. If they had their way, Penny and Loretta would have chosen to hold it until later, but poor old Patsy has no such control; it's a race every morning to get her out before an accident happens.


  1. Patsy is just like our Daisy. Got to get here outside in the morning one can not sleep later without a Daisy surprise in the morning.

  2. Hopefully the rain isn't doing too much seems the rest of the East Coast is getting the Georgia plague of this past winter!

  3. Oh, I just love this image. What a sweet pack of hounds! This definitely made me smile. It's ashame we don't live closer - I can see us having dog afternoons (although our gardens might regret this).

  4. Awww poor doggies!
    My Sandy HATES going out in the rain and will hold it. We have to force her out on rainy days.
    Sheeba on the other hand can handle all weather and doesn't seem to mind one bit.

  5. I feel your pain. It was the sound of the rain pouring past one of my gutters, pounding sharply on the sidewalk below, that freaked out my poor Daniel. (He's a bit freakish anyway) I had to drag his 70+ pound self up the deck stairs and into the house.

  6. Les, You surely don't need anymore rain! Hoping it dries up soon. What a puppy mess it will be when they romp in the yard. gail

  7. You have some beautiful furbabies! A little wet at the moment but beautiful... We only had about half inch from the last passing storm. We missed the tornadoes a few counties over as well...

  8. Randy,
    We usually have to get Patsy out by 5:30. She has Cushings disease and has become quite the lush.

    We got the rain, but none of the damages that happened in NC.

    We have a wonderful dog park within walking distance. It is a great place for dogs to get their yayas out.

    Yes, Patsy borders on pathetic.

    We only completely trust our middle dog, Loretta when it comes to these issues.

    Loretta hates storms as well and we awoke Monday around 2 a.m. with a vibrating bed from her shaking.

    Unfortunately for the dogs, the backyard has no great lawn to romp on. I have crammed it full of plants.

    I am glad you missed the tornados. I hope your birthday was a good one.


  9. Poog guys -
    You might think this strange, but I almost never get up this early. Only because my little Riley (a Westie) woke me up because he needed to go out and do his biz.

    BTW - I found your site through the comment you left on Pam's Digging blog.

  10. That's too funny! I know that feeling all too well too. Hate those accidents. We've taken to tying our one dog to a fixed object in our room. That way he either has to wait on us or wake us up. Bad if he can go on his own.

    On the camellias, I feed all of my acid loving plants a good plant food (usually Osmocote but whatever is cheapest works) a bit of food each March. That is the only time they (azaleas, hydrangeas, and camellias) get fed. They all also have a good mulch, usually pine needles but also leaves. The two camellias on the north side of the house (Black Tie is one) have grown phenomenally. The other camellias are a bit slower but still all nearly five feet. I have one that is 15 feet, it was planted as a one gallon pot in 2002. I think they are just happy with the moisture retentive and acid soil we have here. No sun for mine either. That's my key for pushing zone limits.

  11. You have such beautiful puppy-dogs! What sweeties! They look like they are thinking "Put down that camera and let us in!"

  12. Despite my sunny blog photos today, we’ve been suffering through that cold wet rain too. I have a very wet golden retriever. Your dogs are so expressive –great shot.

    I love how you linked the plant to the art below – really interesting post!

  13. Are those Pointer Sisters also? What beauties.

  14. Eric,
    I am ususually up well before 6. I'd sleep in but the dogs won't let me. Thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks for the great Camellia advice. I have one I have tried to reinvigorate to no success.

    Thanks for coming by.

    Sounds as if we were both fortunate, but wet. I am sure glad we missed what Rhode Island didn't.

    No they are not Pointers. Penny is a Walker Hound, Loretta a Black and Tan Coon Hound and ancient Patsy is a Blue Tick.