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February 24, 2010

It's A Start


Despite the forecast for yet another snowfall tonight and tomorrow, there are signs that changes are afoot. I saw my first Daffodil blooming yesterday, the Flowering Apricots are showing color and the Snowdrops are opening. Unfortunately these signs were not seen in my yard, but perhaps soon enough. I also now have three trucks on the board for next week set to deliver the first of our spring plants, if only one of them was loaded with paying customers. I optimistically cleared and cleaned my desk today, tied up loose ends - all in anticipation of a busier schedule. I am looking forward to saying "bye bye" to the longest month of the year, this nasty winter, and most of all, the general malaise of The Great Recession.


  1. Hear hear!! I saw some daffodils blooming along Ft. Eustis Blvd. It was a great sight to behold!
    ps- sometimes John Prine can bring you full circle. Onto Carolina Chocolate Drops (Paul Shagrue is great)

  2. I am so jealous! I would be happy to see something green and growing anywhere in town, but it still looks like that is a ways off. Currently 14 degrees with a warming trend this weekend up to 32 degrees ... ugh.

  3. Can't quite work out if this snow fall is unusual for your area ot not?
    And our garden centers are packed.Like Robert Mattocks used to say: "Recession is good for us."
    Do you have a cafe? That seems to bring in the punters by the coach load. And they leave with armfuls.

    BTW, do you double the price of your plants? I was pretty annoyed when I found out that this is what they do here. 100% mark-up.
    I don't expect you to answer this :-)

  4. For such a short month according to the calendar, it sure is a long one for a gardener to endure!

  5. Hopefully the paying customers will follow behind the trucks, just as soon as you get a nice sunny weekend! People will be jumping at the chance to celebrate spring. Lovely picture by the way!

  6. I abhor you and your flowers. Get thee to a nunnery. Sigh.

  7. Just noticed the GGW results.
    Well done with the complimentary mentions of you photo.
    Rosy-fingered in February.
    Gold-fingered in March?

  8. Janet,
    Yes Paul Shagrue is a local treasure. Have you ever seen him? Just like all PBS/NPR personalities, voice and image in my mind does not match real face.

    Sounds like it is time to throw your windows open and enjoy the (relative) warmth.

    We do get a few flurries and an occasional inch or two every winter. However, we have had much more than our normal this winter and none of our occasional warm spring-like days. No cafe, and no telling trade secrets.

    It's the longest!

    I pray you are right!

    You go first.

    Thanks. Perhaps green fingers for April.


  9. Hang in there. Snow flying on Long Island, but will melt quickly once we get some sun.

  10. Beautiful photo of snowdrops Les! I hope you do get lots of paying customers very soon!! Here is hoping whatever snow you get melts right away... not like what I am looking out on! You are in the South afterall! ;>))

  11. Hey Les,

    Most of the blooms on my Peggy Clark Apricot have been damaged by the cold temps earlier this month...very disappointing.
    Thanks for the update on the trucks coming in next week. I just may have to come by and see you next weekend!

  12. Yay! I am with you. I was looking at the long range forecast tonight, and while next week is 'iffy' for us down here - the following week looks exactly like it should - temps in the mid 60s and sunshine. I think because it's been so cold that I've just ignored my garden, even the camellias have been denied adoration - and so tomorrow I'm getting out there and noticing signs of change.

    And yes - it's been a long, cold, and difficult winter. I'm ready for my first Airstream winter to end.

  13. Great to see that spring is arriving right now, this beautiful flower is a great testimony of that! Have a great Sunday!

  14. Bob,
    I hope you were able to miss the storm that hit the northeast, or at the least still have power.

    It did snow but melted as it hit the ground, and I was fine with that.

    Most of our trucks will have bare root plants which we have to pot up, but one will have stuff ready for sale. The apricots at work have been somewhat disappointing as well.

    After what we have been through, temps in the 60's may induce heat stroke. Most of my camellias are just holding out for the right conditions. I just hope that everything won't bloom all at once.

    Thanks for all of your comments. I appreciate your persistence.