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December 19, 2009

Christmas Cards

Christmas Bowl 1

Old Bulbs 4

Old Bulbs 3

Old Bulbs 2

Christmas Cards 1

I hope all of you who find your self house bound today, due to the weather, did not have plans to get last minute shopping or errands run. So far here in this part of Tidewater, we just have cold rain and wind while the rest of the state is getting snow, and I am more than OK with that.

Happy holidays everyone!


  1. It spent the day in Charleston pouring rain all day. What a mess. I did manage to get the last gift to the family shipped. Glad that is all done. Like the holiday close ups!

  2. It was raining here, not too cold. I went to a luncheon, at a restaurant down a little gravel road. There was a great fireplace with huge logs burning, wonderful company, a clown to entertain... and my pictures turned out badly!

  3. Great picture! We got snow here last night but the rain's washing it away.

  4. Happy happy to you and yours, too. Our snow's over so we can just bundle up and enjoy it. Hope the rain doesn't keep you cooped up too long. I love your photos and dig dig dig the big colored bulbs. Nice collection!

  5. Hiya Les, While I am (more or less) patiently waiting for your cards to unfold, I 'd like to tell you that
    my Christmas Card for you is HERE
    Sadly it took 11 minutes for the first one to unfurl, so I will leave it at that. Very nice it is too. We have no snow, but thick ice. Getting our skates on. Have a good one...

  6. Really great photos! I've got two to make today--you've inspired me! Cheers and happiness to you, too.

  7. I especially like the first picture, beautiful. We're getting blowing mist and 34-35 degrees here today. I would have been surprised if we'd gotten snow this early.

  8. More than a foot of snow on the ground here, a couple of hours northwest of you near Fredericksburg ... with more accumulating every minute. It sure is pretty!


  9. I love the cards. Today is sunny and should be 70 degrees. I dropped my daughter off at the movies and I couldn't believe how crowded the store parking lots were. I am so glad I am finished.

  10. Jeff,
    I am done with all my pre-Christmas errands, I just have to wrap things now.

    Nell Jean,
    In spite of your bad pics, I hope you had a good time. It sounds like a good day to sit and eat with friends by a roaring fire, but I am not sure about that clown.

    It was all rain here today, until about 7p.m. when we had blowing snow, but not much stuck.

    Thanks for stopping by. We were able to get out and go to the movies today. Please come back anytime.

    I am sorry my pics take so long to download for you and I enjoyed your card as well. Thanks for the link.

    Cheers and happiness to you as well!

    Sweet Bay,
    Snow or rain, it was not fit to be out of doors today.

    I enjoyed seeing your snow photos.

    It was a good day for the movies and where we went the mall was packed, the theater not so.


  11. LOVE those ornaments, what a collection!

  12. Danger,
    Thanks for stopping by. It is a tradition for me to buy my wife an ornament for her birthday which is in early Dec. We may need a few more next year as the new dog has been hard on several ornaments.


  13. I LOVE macro shots... These are the best Christmas cards EVER!
    Happy Holiday - can't wait to see what the new year will tell on your blog!

  14. Bren,
    The best thing about them is all the postage I saved. Have a merry Christmas!


  15. These are all wonderful images; a real treat. I think you could easily sell them as printed cards. And thanks for the Avatar review. It had not occurred to me that I might have a reason to go see it. (Esp. since I so disliked "Titanic").

  16. Morning Les, still playing catch up on postings.... I spent most of Saturday morning convincing my youngest that driving from NC to DC for a wedding was not a good idea. She has no TV so it was all internet info..etc. etc. She finally decided not to go.
    Your macro shots are beautiful. Like the old bulbs in the jar..nice use of color from the past.

  17. Loved the light bulbs in a jar. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family Les.

  18. Linda,
    I never saw the new version of Titanic. Mainly because I knew how it ended and that damn Celine Dion song is still stuck in my head.

    I am glad you were able to talk your daughter into staying put. I am amazed at how out of touch some people can be when it comes to weather, not that is necessarily the case with your daughter. I know what you mean about catching up. If I stay off of the computer for more than a couple of days, it takes so long to go through my mail and subscriptions.

    The bulbs are from a collection my wife has amassed, some of them are quite old. I am merely the photographer. Merry Chistmas to you as well.


  19. Lovely photographs. We didn't get hit too badly with the snow up here, just about a foot, and everyone was very organized about digging out. I'd finished my shopping and my cards, so I could just enjoy.

    Horticulture question: Every year around this time, I usually find people selling paperwhites everywhere for the holiday. This year, the year I'm looking for some -- nothing. Was there some sort of disease or shortage or something?

  20. Devon,
    I'd be interested to know where you live that everyone is very organized, must be Canada.

    In answer to your question - to my knowledge there was no paperwhite shortage this year. The lady that orders the bulbs for us at work, got twice as much as she did last year and we were out two weeks ago. Since most are grown in Israel and purchased through the Dutch bulb mafia (my words), when a garden center runs out it is hard to get more quickly.

  21. I love your images and I'm kicking myself for not taking full advantage of all the Christmas ornaments while they were out. Nicely done.