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October 7, 2009

It Might Get Loud

(Apologies in advance if you tuned in for anything to do with gardening)

We decided to accompany my son and his godmother to dinner and a movie this past Saturday. The past week had been a very busy one for me at work, and I was not involved in the details of the evening, which were fortunately left in the hands of others. I did, however know we were going to be eating at San Antonio Sam's where they pour delicious Margaritas, and at the mention of the "M" word my brain would not move past it, until my thirst was quenched - more than once. The movie was next door at a local treasure, the Naro Expanded Cinema, and I only knew ahead of time it had something to do with electric guitars.

It Might Be Loud is a documentary film about three generations of guitar divinity meeting to discuss their music, influences, instruments and biographies, as well as to play together. Guitar god Jimmy Page was one of the three filmed and looked every bit the cleric with his silver-white hair, long black trench coat and frilled shirt. Coming of age when electric guitars first hit the scene, Page bridged musical worlds creating a new one in the process with his work with Led Zepplin. The next generation was represented by demi-god, The Edge of U2 fame. He also represents what can be accomplished when skilled talent meets the technology of the digital age. Demi-god-in-training Jack White rounds out the trio and is best known for his work with The White Stripes. White plays a grittier less refined, less digital guitar, but it is soulful and close to rock and roll's origins.

The majority of the documentary was filmed in a studio where the three engage in discussion and music. However, there are plenty of segments showing each musician in his element, and there is a lot of archival video and a lot of music. My only complaint with the film is that just when each piece of music gets going it is stopped and the film is cut to another sequence. So you get just enough of the music to make you hungry for more. Overall, it was a good movie for rock and roll enthusiasts and offers great insight into three pillars of the genre.


  1. Hey Les, sounds like an interesting film. I like the Naro, great vintage theater. I know what you mean about hearing a song and then the film cutting away to another piece of an interview or something. A rule in our changing a CD in the middle of a song. Absolute rule!!
    (by the way, this is Janet, we are in SC and am on Charlie's computer)

  2. I don't know anything about guitars, but U2 has always been one of my favorite bands. They have been extremely long-lived. I was a freshman in high school when Boy was released.

  3. I got very excited seeing the trailer a while back at our indie theater. I hope we haven't missed it! It must have been hard for the editors to cut the music short and keep the doc going.

  4. First album I ever bought: Led Zepplin 2. A recent addiction: Plug White Stripes into the YouTube search box. I'll have to check out that flick.

  5. Lovely blog title and banner.... hope to see more garden pics... ;)


  6. I haven't seen photos of Jimmy Page, aka Jimmy, I want to have your baby!, with the streaming silver locks ala Leon Russell. I am familiar with the other two and do have a thing for guitar players in general, see above. Sounds like a great night out! :-)

  7. Charlie - Janet,
    I have the same rule and extend it to playing an album (yes I still call it that) from start to finish. My wife skips songs she does not like and it drives me crazy.

    Sweet Bay,
    If you like U2 you should see this just for the vintage shots of them as they started out. I learned that the band formed based on a bulletin board notice at their school.

    The film was only recently released so hopefully it will make it to your indie theater. If not, I sure it will arrive on DVD and will likely have a lot of extras, hopefully more music.

    Were you part of the dazed and confused generation too?

    Thank you for stopping by. We will be back to regularly scheduled programming on the next post.

    I didn't know you were a groupie.