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March 2, 2009

Spring Break...Interrupted

Finally for Frances, an upward facing Hellebore, but it may have been because it was blown over, snowed on and frozen in place.


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  2. Great photos, Les. Glad you went out and took them so I didn't have to- just the half hour I spent knocking snow off of the palms, Michelia, Italian cypresses and Camellias was enough to remove all feeling from my fingers! You should do a class at the nursery sometime on digital garden photography - I'd do my best to be there. BTW - I love the title of your previous post, and agree wholeheartedly with its sentiments.

  3. Hey, thanks, Les! I'll take them any way, up down, or frozen in place, poor little things. The daffs and hellebores are laying down on the job with the cold at the moment, no snow to pretty it up, but they will spring back. Blooming camellias will be kilt though, right? In bud they are okay, but open they are defenseless? I have added some new ones and have little experience in their ways.

  4. It looks like we have the same plants blooming. I'm hoping that the cold doesn't hurt the blooms. I think the saucer magnolia though is already toast.

  5. Those are beautiful photos, Les, even if the subjects are a little sad. We were relatively swamped--not much plant matter showing by midafternoon, so I'm worried by what I'll find after the thaw. I second Jeff's emotion about the photography class.

  6. I wonder how your plants have faired? Mine are still covered so I have no idea...but the daff's and tulips look ok;)

  7. Janet,
    Today (Mon.) was bad too. I hate winter and bitter cold days like today. It was 18 here this morning. Maybe if I felt better it would be easier to tolerate.

    I glad you like the pics and am flattered that you think I should teach. What you can't see are the dozens that are taken so I can cull a few nice ones. Thank God for digital photography. Part of my vacation budgets in the past always included film development. We had no snow-knocking here, not enought to mess with.

    If the camellia buds are tight, they should be OK into the upper teens. Anything lower you may have bud drop. Lower than that you may be shopping for replacement plants. However, not all behave the same. There are many that are now more cold tolerant and if you look for late blooming varieties your blossom chances go up.

    For whatever reason the magnolias around town are still pretty tight. We usually only get a great year for them every 3 or 4. Most years we see a fair amount of brown and some years we go from January to June in just a few weeks and the flowers drop too quickly. Last year they were textbook beautiful.

    I am sure you had more than we did here in Norfolk. You could call what we had a heavy dusting. When I went to work today it was noticeable how much more there was the further west I went.

    I think everything will be OK. I know the blooming daffs may not lift their heads again, but the plants will be OK and I have more yet to bloom. I did not plant any tulips this fall so they won't be a problem.


  8. You take amazing photos Les. Yes, our spring was interrupted. Back to spring this weekend. I plan to plant my Pine Knot Farm hellebores. Yippee.

  9. Les, Even covered with snow your garden beauties are lovely! I am hoping that winters last snit is over!
    Enough is enough! Thanks for your help with White By The gate this morning!


  10. Helen,
    Thanks for the compliment. I am looking forward to the more normal weather that is predicted.

    You are welcome for the camellia help, it is one of my favorite topics.


  11. Too bad about the snow and ice but it made for some nice pictures.

  12. I am so glad that I came across your garden blog this afternoon. You have some wonderful work. I am going to add you to my list of Gardens I like to visit on my blogger account.

    Great PHOTOS.... and I love the tulips even with snow on them.

    Stop by sometime!

  13. You dog......the snow with the bloom...all i could show was what i would have taken if it had snowed....hope you enjoyed the shoot in the snow!

  14. Wow, you got a lot of snow for this time of year.

    I hope that isn't the kind of season its going to be.