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January 30, 2009

Loretta Sings With Herself

Loretta (The Weather Dog) is a Black and Tan Coon Hound, and hidden in the strands of this breeds DNA is the ability to sing or bay. Their job was to run all day tracking the coon or other prey, barking incessantly when its scent was found and treeing the poor critter until someone would come and shoot it (I wonder if raccoon tastes like chicken). Although we don't appreciate the constant barking, we do love when she throws her head back and lets lose in joyous song. Recently we accidentally discovered that she likes to sing along with earlier clips of herself in a kind of schizophrenic duet. Considering we believe that she may be her own cousin, nothing she does should surprise us.

I like this clip so much, I have made it a permanent feature at the bottom of the page. Who is crazier, the dog or the dog owner?


  1. A love for and appreciation of dogs is a sign of good mental health.

  2. Hilarious. I wish I had access to this clip years back, when the kids were still in the house. I could have turned the volume up and used it to get them out of bed in the mornings.

  3. lol! thanks a lot, you got my english coon hound goin' strong now. the insanity!!!! I've long given up on a quiet household LOL

  4. This is simply hilarious. So I listen to it - in a house with two pointers and a english setter mix, and my 8 yr old english setter mix (Stanley) starts howling like a mad dog. Love it! In my own insane little world, I thing that both the dog and the dog owner are perfectly sane!

  5. Too funny! As a dog owner myself I would have to admit that the dog owner is the!

  6. I like it when Loretta looks at the puter screen in a disgusted glance.

  7. Great one Les! When I played it my herd was listening and cocking their heads. Since I grew up with beagles I truly appreciate a good hound's howl. Check out his baby pic on my sister's blog..
    Somewhere on the internet my daughter videoed my three baying at the door because I left the house without them.

  8. Craig said it best and I agree-not crazy.

  9. How cool is that! My beagle bays similar to that but has a deeper pitch to her voice. ;) You're not crazy Les, we gardeners love are pets.

  10. Can she sing "I'm My Own Grandpa?" Seems like it might be appropriate!

  11. Craig,
    According to that, I must be one of the sanest people I know. How come I don't feel like I am?

    Maybe I could use the recording to get Loretta moving in the a.m. She is a dog who likes to sleep in and has to be nudged and sometimes pushed out of the bed.

    I went looking for your Coon Hound on your site. My you have a lot of animals!

    Glad we could be part of your insane world.

    Are dogowners crazy prior to having the dog or because we have had them?

    Yes that is my favorite part too.

    Thanks for the link. There are few things cuter than a beagle pup. Although I have never owned one, I have been around them a lot. I would consider them in the future when they breed one that barks less.

    Thank You!

    This was not her greates effort. Usually you get a wider range of sound from her. In fact when she gets going she will let you gently squeeze her throat to make really wierd music, kind of like a bagpipe.

    Indeed it would be.


  12. Sheba, one of my cats was on the desk when i played Loretta’s beautiful song. Sheba was not impressed... Not crazy at all just an animal lover such as in this house...

  13. So cute. Reminds my of one of my childhood dogs, Josie.

  14. That is a great clip! My two beagles were having a ball trying to find the dog in the computer :)