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September 6, 2008

Thank You Hanna!

Tropical Storm Hanna began blowing through last night and brought us several inches of much needed rain. Things were nearing desperate here, drought-wise, though not as bad as last year. The tides were not abnormally high and so the places that usually flood were still passable. We also got a lot of wind which kept the trees dancing most of the day causing some limbs to come down, but little other damage. During a break in the rain, we took a trip to the beach, and it was apparent we were not the only ones with that idea. We started at Rudee Inlet where we saw a few hard core folks surfing and lots of on-lookers. We ended up at the North End where we had the beach to ourselves and were able to let Loretta off the leash.

As an unexpected bonus we parked next to one of my company's biggest landscape projects from the past year. I've never been in person, but was able to recognize it from pictures I have seen. I pulled more than a few hairs out trying to secure plants for this job so it was good to see them doing seemingly well.


  1. Yay for Hanna! And nice shots of the chop. Loretta is much braver than Ranunculus--he won't go into the surf on a CALM day--she looks like she's having a great time. Hanna was a very polite visitor here--we didn't lose power, and only a few small limbs down--and as you said, boy did we need the rain!

  2. She behaved herself here in Newport News too. My garden absorbed all that glorious rainfall like a sponge. A few dead limbs & some small live ones were lost because of wind, but no major damage.

  3. Glad you got some rain from Hanna without much damage. Those are the kind of storms I like.

    Always Growing

  4. Cosmo,
    Loretta is not always so brave, and she takes a big risk in water over her head; she can not swim. Her limbs move the right way, but to no affect.

    I was so glad to get the rain as I know you were too. Things were very dry here in the garden. However, as I appreciated the rain, I couldn't help but think about the people in Haiti. Hanna was not so benevolent there.

    Thanks for stopping by. Our local weather guys are calling for more rain at the end of the week. I am still waiting for the fish pond to fill.


  5. Hiya Les,

    How I envy your proximity to the ocean!

    It looks lovely and refreshing. Glad to hear Hanna was all tuckered out when she reached your area.

    I know what your dog feels like when trying to swim: I am a sinker too, rather than a floater ;-)

  6. Hooray for the much needed rain. I like the landscaping - are those spiky plants variegated yucca?

  7. We are having the fall-out of Hanna at the minute. Thanks a heap.

    Although, compared with the devastation down South, our floods must seem pretty puny.

    I have never seen this type of rain since we left the Far East.True Monsoons. Scary.

    Is Ike acting up in your area?

  8. Joco,
    I am sorry that you are experiencing rain forest weather. However, we could still use a few more inches for the garden and for the municipal reservoirs. We are not expected to get anything from Ike, and I am fine with that.

    Those plants are Color Guard Yucca and they are one of the better variegated forms. With cold weather they will add pink tones to the foliage.

  9. How good that Hanna saved you from drought. I love the sea in a storm. What fun photos! I feel like I can almost hear the crash of the surf.

  10. Les,
    The mystery plant at the botanical garden is Piper auritum, aka the root beer plant. Adds a nice tropical touch, but suckers profusely.

  11. Beautiful pictures. I love to take pictures of my Gulf too. It is a little wild out here right now.
    We got rain from Fay, from Gustuv, wind and rain and lost our power for two days. Hannah passed us well to the right of us. Ike is kicking up to rands and a lot of wind and rain here in bands here now. I feel for those in Texas. They are going to have big problems with flooding. I've been to freeport and the 2000 people who did not evacuate may live to regret it.

    I have a little dog that hates the water but he loves to walk along the outside of the water, or did until they passed an order, "No dogs on beach".

  12. Eve,
    I hope they do live to regret it, but I am afraid anyone who foolishly stayed put on Galveston may not have.