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August 17, 2008

The Last Rose of Summer

Mary Parks Sprague
July 12, 1913 - August 11, 2008

She grew up on Mary St. in a town named Parksley, and she had a life well lived. Music, education, her church and her family were her life. She was a strong link to the past that came before me, and in her garden I learned many things. When she could no longer play the organ every Sunday, she would sit in the colored light coming from the girl in the red dress and listen to someone else's music.

Now that she is gone, it is only just that the cloud which increasingly shrouded her mind in the final years, is gone as well. I hope she has been reunited with her memories, her music, her dear Mason, and that she can finally talk to her God again, face to face with full clarity.


  1. A beautiful tribute, Les. I hope that creating it helped with your loss. Best wishes, Cosmo