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July 8, 2008

Accomac Weekend - Pt. 2 - Corn Free-For-All

My parents place is a few miles from Accomac and their property is surrounded by farm fields, tidal marshes and a freshwater pond. They have a fair amount of room, like to garden and I enjoy giving them trees that I don't have the room for. Here are few of what they had blooming this weekend.

The pond was originally built to irrigate the nearby crops when rain wasn't plentiful.
Nearby is Parker's Creek, Metomkin Bay and the Atlantic. It is often quiet enough that you can hear waves breaking on the barrier island beaches.

These daylilies front the fence of one of the older houses nearby.
On the day we were to leave, there was a major corn incident. One of the trucks hauling sweet corn from my cousin's field tipped over as it was turning a corner. For some reason it could not or would not be put back on the truck and so it was there for the taking, and we took. Heading back to Norfolk, we had to pass by a traffic jam caused by people getting free corn - I am sure very little of it went to waste.

I am about sick of corn.


  1. What a wonderful row of daylilies along that fence line! They must have been there for several, several years.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, Les--I love the Eastern shore. The views are breathtaking. One of my favorite places is Assoteague--your post reminded me that we need to take a trip up (over?) there soon!

    I'm still trying to get my head around pomegranates in Virginia--I'm always amazed at how much I don't know.

  3. R & J,
    Thanks for visiting. I do not know how old the daylilies are, but the house has been there since the 1770's. My grandfather was the caretaker there and my father was born there. There are quite a few nice specimens in the property.

    The Eastern Shore is probably my favorite part of the planet. One day I hope to move back.


  4. Gorgeous views! But I'd be scared to live on almost any coastline. Send me some corn? (Yeah right, I live in NEBRASKA--I'm sick of it, too!)

  5. Beautiful post. The corn, the water, the daylilies have me remembering my time living near the water . . .

  6. Ben,
    I too worry about living on the coast, but not enough to move. I keep waiting for the Ross Ice Sheet to break loose or for the Greenland Ice Cap to melt away. Maybe then I'll have waterfront property.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  7. We were up that way also not too far back and it was beautiful. Nice pics!

  8. Holy heck to all that corn!

    Beautiful landscape.