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May 25, 2008

Freemason Harbor - Pt., The Pagoda

In the middle of Freemason Harbor is the Pagoda and its garden. It was a gift of Norfolk's sister city in Taiwan. I think the most intriguing fact about this spot, is that the Pagoda began life as a giant molasses storage tank that held 500,000 gallons of the stuff. The Pagoda was built on top of the tank's foundations and it is now surrounded by an urban oasis in the form of a Chinese garden.

Here is the tank around 1920, ...
... the site as it looked in 1980, about the time of my first move to Norfolk.


  1. 500,000 gallons of molasses? I can't quite wrap my mind around that.

  2. Chuck,
    I have trouble with this concept also. What would you need all of that for, maybe to make rum?