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April 14, 2008

April Bloom Days

My time is always short in April, and tomorrow is my longest day of the week, among many at work, so I am posting my blooms a day early. You can see what other gardeners are posting by going to Carol's May Dreams Gardens.

This is one of my longest living perennials, Jerusalem Sage (Phlomis fruticosa). It has unusually structured flowers, attractive felty foliage and is extremely drought tolerant. It behaves more like a semi-evergreen shrub, though it is most often listed as a perennial.
Cherries Jubilee (Camellia japonica 'Cherries Jubilee) is always the last of my Camellias to bloom. It has been over two months since my earliest C. Japonica began blooming and there are a few blossoms still lingering around the yard on other varieties, but this one is in full, blood-red flower.

I have planted Chocolate Chip Ajuga (Ajuga reptans 'Chocolate Chip') between some pieces of bluestone and I like the way it looks next to Ursula's Red Japanese Painted Fern (Athyrium nipponicum var. 'Ursula's Red').
There are not many plants left in the yard from former owners, but here are two. I believe the Spirea is Spiraea x vanhouttei. Although I really enjoy them, I can't keep up with all the minor spring bulbs. Can someone tell me which this one is?


  1. I don't have a clue what your "minor bulb" flower is, but surely someone will come along and see it and id it for you.

    I can only dream of having camellias in my zone 5 garden!

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Looks like Scilla siberica to me. It naturalizes beautifully, and is charming in your garden.

  3. Come across the water and visit the York County Master Gardener's Learning Garden. Tours are offered the second Thursday 10:30- 11:30 AM May- October.

  4. Nice blooms. I have phlomis fruticosa in my garden, aren't they wonderful? Very tough plants and very (and I mean very) drought tolerant

  5. I think your bulbs are Hyacinthoides hispanica, we call them Bluebells here in the Pacific Northwest, but they are not Virginia Bluebells, more like a wild hyacinth... Does that ring a bell? I like your blog, good writng. Thanks daniel

  6. Nice photos... and I love that 'Cherries Jubilee.' Such a warm, festive red that's well worth waiting for, no? :)

  7. To all - Thanks for your comments and suggestions.