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February 23, 2008

Update Part III

This morning while I was still in my night clothes, there was a knock at the door. When I opened it I saw my plant thieving-vandal "neighbor" Monica leaving the porch. I asked what she wanted and she said to look in the mailbox. Inside was a paper lunch bag all crumpled up with a zip-lock bag inside. The baggie held $95 worth of wadded bills and $5 worth of couch change, as well as a note that was written just as follows:

" Here is 100.00 that you insist. I am going to let you pay, the tax. This is not a admission of guilt, I did not know that it was wrong to pick up a branch from the side walk. Now you can leave me alone"

I am going to write her a note with her receipt, and get the last word in, because that is the kind of guy I am. I hope that this will be the end of my dealings with her and I can finally start to plant in the front yard again.

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  1. This Monica sounds like one weird character. I'm glad you busted her...what was she thinking??? You might could make a short story out of this if you could come up with some twisted motivation for her.