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June 26, 2010

Sterrett Gardens

This week I was on Virginia's beautiful Eastern Shore, and Thursday my parents and I went to Sterrett Gardens for one of their open house days. The Sterrett family grows and sells Daylilies, lots of them, over 1300 varieties. In a part of the state more famous for its rows of corn, soybeans and sweet potatoes - they grow rows of Daylilies. In spite of our first day in triple digit temperatures, the Daylilies were at their photogenic best. As per usual for this blogger, I did not bother noting most of the cultivar names, I was not shopping, but just enjoyed the color. For those of you that do need names, you can visit Sterrett's in person or check out the galleries on their thorough web site.

Sterrett Gardens (7)

Sterrett Gardens (4)

Sterrett Gardens (12)

Sterrett Gardens (6)

Sterrett Gardens (9)

Sterrett Gardens (8)

Sterrett Gardens (19)

I remember the name of this one, 'Baby Blue Eyes'.

Sterrett Gardens (18)

Sterrett Gardens (21)

There were a few other people there on Thursday. This lady had her list in hand, walking the rows marking which ones she wanted.

Sterrett Gardens (16)

They also have some nice display gardens around the house that certainly have Daylilies in them, but other things were planted as well including this Canna x 'Bengal Tiger'.

Sterrett Gardens (24)

Perhaps my father was the sensible one in Thursday's 100 degree weather. He is the dark shadow camping out under this Golden Rain Tree until my mom and I had our fill.

Sterrett Gardens (11)

If you have not seen enough, you can see the full set here.


  1. I wasn't aware of Sterrett Gardens. Those were some gorgeous daylilies. I've been enjoying the ones in my yard - they're in full bloom now.

    Your Dad definitely had the right idea on Thursday!

  2. Lovely! I find I'm attracted to the ones that look the least like Stella d'Oro ... it's the use in so many commercial landscapes that turns me off. (Les, can you send me your email?)

  3. "Baby Blue Eyes" is my choice of blooms.It's more blue than any I've seen. Gorgeous!

  4. It is easy to see how gardeners get addicted to daylilies. They are so beautiful and easy but what a selection! It would drive me nuts. We had lots before shade started catching up with the garden and I still find ones that need to be moved elsewhere.

    You had asked about the beautification awards in our town. This is a city board and something they do every year.

  5. This is my first year I've been loving the daylilies in my garden. It took me a while but hey, better late than never. Can't beat that color!

  6. My day lilies deserted my garden and yard this summer. Poof, gone..except one lone one. I had about 10 or more..I think. The heat and humidity here are frying any brain cells left in my head lately. I like the words about your dad under the tree, could not make him out in the photo, but I think I liked that remark best in your post. so nice you had them both with you, a blessing. Gina

  7. Wow, a blue daylily! Want one! Glad there was a cool spot for dad, too.

  8. Wow all those colours, truly gorgeous

  9. I don't know which is better, the flowers or the setting. Gorgeous, both. I have managed to get a few blooms this year by planting chrysanthemums with the daylilies. Seems to keep the deer off of them.

  10. I can help you out on ALL those cultivar names, easy as apple pie: yellow, red, blue, white, purple, light purple, orange, rose, yellow orange, purple blue pink, white red yellow white. See? Yer welcome.

  11. What a gorgeous array of colors. Baby Blue eyes is a nice one. I really need to add more of these to my garden, they stand up to the heat too. Bonus! ;)

  12. Alan,
    A short trip across the bay and you could be there before you know it. According to their web site, they let kids pick out a daylily to take home for free.

    I agree with you on Stella.

    I was smitten with that one, which may be why I remember its name.

    Thank you for the info on the beautification awards, it is something every community should emulate.

    Know you can't beat the color, plus they are easy, reproduce easily and are fun to share.

    Perhaps you have a furry varmit eating your daylily, after all they are edible. And yes I am blessed.

    Yes, that is the bluest I have seen, more of a purply blue, but cool nonetheless.

    Stone Art,
    The colors were nearly overwhelming.

    The setting was at the end of a small creek that led out to the Chesapeake and it was lovely, although unusually dry.

    That is exactly how I classify them!

    I know where you can get plenty to add to your garden.


  13. There is a lushness to the daylily up in your parts that just does not happen here in Charleston. I think our days and nights of high heat and humidity just keeps them from performing like what we saw in your pictures. Looked like a treat!

  14. Nothing has quite the magic of daylily fields in full bloom. It really says summer!