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June 18, 2010

Along the Boardwalk

After a morning spent getting my latest root canal, I compensated myself by going to the Boardwalk Art Show in Virginia Beach. The weather was perfect: low 80's, low humidity, light breezes and very clear skies - the kind of day you want to bottle and pull out later in July or save until January. There were over 300 artists showing their work and I was really surprised by much of what I saw. Among all the usual seascapes, flower-filled watercolors and more marketable works were enough edgier artists to keep the show interesting. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get too many pictures of the art.

King Neptune (3)

Glass Monkey

Foliage Art

Glass Art

The last time I was here, landscaping along the boardwalk consisted of an occasional patch of Pampas Grass mixed with Rugosa Roses. The plant palette has definitely expanded.

Hotel Landscaping (7)

Hotel Landscaping (3)


Hotel Landscaping (11)

Hotel Landscaping (8)

Hotel Landscaping

Hotel Landscaping (6)

Although this is not my favorite color combination, I really liked what this hotel had done. The beds mimic the cafe awnings ...

Hotel Landscaping (4)

... and the next door Dairy Queen.

Hotel Landscaping (5)

The Oleander (Nerium oleander) was also in full bloom. I learned to love this plant when I lived in Charleston and fortunately this area is its northern limit.

Oleander 2

Oleander and Daylilies

(The full picture set is here)


  1. Looks like you really know how to reward yourself! So, did you buy anything?

  2. Wow! It has definitely been a long time since I've been on the Boardwalk. I had no idea that it looked so nice now. Sorry about the root canal.

  3. That's some beautiful landscaping, but the art glass is my favorite. I have a weakness for things that sparkle.--Randy

  4. I love the LOVE spelled out in boxwoods. Cheesy and poignant all wrapped up together making it very smile-able, Gina

  5. The glass art is wonderful, beautiful colors like in all the other colorful photos! So cheerful!

  6. Loree,
    No I did not, but managed to steal lots of good ideas.

    Yes, it has really gone upscale.

    Randy and Jamie,
    Well you would have needed a Hover-Round with all the sparkly things they had.

    I thought it was cheesy hip.

    Yes the colors were all very cheery, appropriate for the setting.


  7. I was just down in VaBch last weekend, and I also find the landscape design on the Boardwalk to be really stellar, especially compared to when I was a child living there in the 80's. The Norfolk Waterside also has some great landscaping, drifts of Russian Sage etc.

  8. Boardwalk flower pics are nice and all, but I must have that glass monkey (?) with the gold head. Cool!

  9. Great pics again Les. We usually go to the Boardwalk Art show on Friday's but this year I had to work. :-( Not a root canal mind you, but close. Love that photo of the art glass with sand, umbrellas and water in the background. Real cool shot!

  10. What a day! The agony of a root canal and the ecstasy of art at the beach! Love the photos.

  11. Wow they have done a fabulous job with the landscaping at the boardwalk Les! Thanks for getting some great shots to share with us. I hope you are feeling better now after your rootcanal, those aren't fun.

  12. Great photos Les! It's been years since I've been down to the boardwalk. The landscaping has definitely improved. One of these days I'm going to make it out to that art show.
    We had a great time Saturday at the flower festival. Morgan was talking about the puppies & kittens most of the way back home. I was fascinated with the bee display, and believe it or not, Paula was too.

  13. Les, Your photos are outstanding! Sorry about the root canal~gail

  14. Do you always treat yourself to an art show after a root canal? Does it work? I'd think a knock over the head with a bridge would be more effective. Lovely glass on the beach, though.

  15. The hotel landscaping is most creative. Hope your tooth is feeling better.

  16. Ouch – root canal! You deserved that treat and thanks for sharing it with us. I love that image of a bottled day and all the color in your photos. A blog is a bottle – revisit in January.

  17. Colorful fun for sure. Sorry to hear about the evil dental details.

  18. Looks like a good art show (we like diversity!) and, wow, what a beautiful setting! LOVE the round hotel planting beds. Very simple, but very effective. Clever!

  19. Wow!! The boardwalk really has alot of flavor and character to it...Those are some Awesome images...Definitely looks Great, I'll continue to follow along with you and see what you have in store...
    Keep up the good work
    Take Care

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  20. Crystal,
    They just finished re-landscaping Waterside, so I will have to go check it out. The city is debating what to do with the inside parts.

    I am glad you like the monkey. I had to take the picture while the artist was distracted. I have the his business card if you are seriously interested.

    The intent of that shot was to get the beach in the backgound. Thanks for noticing.

    The root canal was the least intrusive of the half dozen I have had.

    Thanks for the compliment.

    If you want one of those puppies or kittens let me know, I have a friend in the Humane Soc. You are on your own for the bees.

    Thank you!

    I will revisit when it is cold and nasty out, but we have a while before we have to worry about that.

    Enough fun to make me forget the morning.

    Dirty Girl,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    It was incredibly diverse, some of the work I could not see hanging over any ordinary sofa.

    Thanks for stopping by.