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July 5, 2013

Private Garden Tour, Part III

     Probably the most challenging place for a garden from our tour is the Goodman garden. Not only was it right on the ocean with all that entails horticulturally, but it also has a very unusual layout. The lot is shaped like a large letter "L" with an access road to the neighbors property separating the two parts of the L, one which the house sits on and the other where the front garden is. The garden as a whole is a good marriage between plants and architecture, and this is apparent as soon as the front entrance comes into view.

Goodman Garden (10)

Goodman Garden (2)

Goodman Garden (3)

Goodman Garden (12)

Goodman Garden (6)

Goodman Garden (4)

Goodman Garden (8)

Goodman Garden (33)

Goodman Garden (34)

Goodman Garden (13)

     This gate marks the entrance to a narrow side passage separating the Goodman garden from the neighbor's, and leads to the back garden, which faces the ocean. In lesser hands this would have merely been just a way to get from point A to point B, but I must say, this small space was one of the most intriguing and impressive residential garden spaces I have ever seen (consequentially all the photos). The lush interplay of texture, color, stone, wood and light is even more remarkable considering this is probably a wind tunnel funneling salt air and spray straight from the Atlantic.
Goodman Garden (16)

Goodman Garden (17)

Goodman Garden (19)

Goodman Garden (30)

Goodman Garden (32)

Goodman Garden (28)

Goodman Garden (27)

     The side garden leads to the back patio where we were met with an impressive display of lilies, and yet again I kick myself for never having grown this type in my own garden.
Goodman Garden (20)

Goodman Garden (21)

Crinum and Scholar Stones
Goodman Garden (24)

Goodman Garden (26)

     Although wild dune vegetation blocked the view of the ocean from the garden, you could hear the waves, and I am sure the view from the upper floors was wide open.
Goodman Garden (22)

     We have one remaining garden on the tour, which I will show in the next post, but you can see Part I here, and Part II here.


  1. Wow. Quite dynamic well put together. Great photos. Les. Is this by chance an Ann Stokes design? Critique-wise, I'm longing for a little more dramatic and unique evergreen. But it is pretty, nonetheless.

  2. Beautiful! Wow...the hydrangeas are gorgeous this year.

  3. Just caught up on all three parts of your garden tour, Les. What an amazing set of photography! I know you had wonderful settings but you really brought it to life for us. Very visually stunning. And I'll take that spitting frog anyday - funny and whimsical. Loved these posts!

  4. Gorgeous! I really am happy to see Bears breeches used so effectively and it is so happy!

  5. I love that lush over-grown looking side yard.

  6. You have really done the garden proud! Thank you for sharing such beautiful work with us.

  7. Amazing what some gardeners can do! Love the hostas and ferns!

  8. Very nice, I love the plantings around the stone paths. Nice photographs!

  9. What a beautiful garden. I love how the clean simplicity of the architecture is mirrored in the garden design. Gorgeous photos, as usual. :o)

  10. What gorgeous gardens - thanks for the 3 part tour!

  11. Many beautiful photos--thank you for the tour.

  12. For all of its challenges, it is a lovely thing. I dream of living by the ocean sometimes. Visiting California just made it worse. Les, I wish you and your family would come to the Fling next year. It will be in Portland.~~Dee

  13. This is fun following your camera as it tours the gardens. Looking forward to number 4!

  14. What a great garden. More hostas and now it. I have lots of ferns, need to add more. After seeing the Acanthus, thinking I need to find a spot for one (or two or three). The pathway from point A to point B with all the hostas doesn't look well traveled- I would worry about plants being stepped on.