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July 12, 2011

The Virginia Shore

Like rubber necking past a multiple car pile-up, it is not out of character for me to be occasionally distracted by trashy television. One of the more remarkable accidents of recent programming is MTV's The Jersey Shore.  Watching all the drinking, stretched garments, bad grammar and bed hopping gives me a sense of complete despair for the future of the nation, but it does make for compelling TV.  Even though it is just a few hours south of Jersey's, activities on Virginia's Eastern Shore are a little more sedate.  This past week we were able to spend several days there at my parent's house. It was a relaxing time filled with low key activities that included reading, trips to the beach, fishing, some time in the kayak, a little gardening and some good eating. 

While I can't offer you any video footage, and no one is calling me for endorsements, I can share some of what I saw.

Parker's Creek at Sunset
Parker's Creek Sunset

Parker's Creek (2)

Mt. Custis
Mt. Custis

Lang Farm Rd.
Corn Canyon

Burtons Shore in Black and White
Burtons Shore (4)

Just Needs a Little TLC
Drummond's Mill Road (2)

Folly Creek
Folly Creek

Pelicans Over Metompkin Inlet
Metompkin Inlet Pelicans

Pelicans Over Metompkin Island

Gulls (2)

Gulls, Black Skimmer and Pelicans
Shore Birds

There is no shortage of shells on Metompkin
Wahed Shells (2)

This picture shows part of my mom's haul form our second trip. She got these for a friend who wants to plant them with succulents to give as gifts. Both of the hairy creatures in the photo belong to me.
The Day's Haul

There will be a couple more posts upcoming from Virginia's beautiful Eastern Shore, including a bending of the rules Bloom Day, but I doubt you will see anything like Snookie or The Situation.


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos, as always....but none of Snookie?

  2. What gorgeous pictures of the shore. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  3. Seriously? You can find shells like that on the beach???

  4. One of the funniest things I ever saw on the shore was a sign posted on the highway near Cheriton. It read: "Dog taken from yard. Jersey plates." I've known some wonderful folks from New Jersey, none of them like the TV crowd. I sure hope they keep their distance from Northampton.

  5. I can chill out just enjoying the photos of this special place on earth. May it never change.

  6. I'm with danger garden. Wish we had lovely shells like that here.

    The two hairy creatures are dog & son ?

    Photos are lovely.

    Can't believe how high your corn is. It looks ready to pick.

  7. Les, I've never watched Jersey Shores but have heard about it. NOt my "cup of tea" as they say. Your posting was way more interesting and classy to me. By the way, there are white pelican that spend the Summers here on Lake Michigan. Really big birds I must say, and beautiful as they sail by. See you again. Jack

  8. I am always amazed at the quality of your photos. Always outstanding. I like how you frame your images to make really special shots. Not taking anything away from the natural beauty of the area though, you just seem to make it all the more special. I too was impressed with you mom's collection.

  9. The first picture is golden in more ways than one.

  10. Stunning images Les, thank you, they made me smile with delight.

  11. Wow....look at all those beautiful shells! We have limitations on taking them here, there don't seem to be so many.

  12. Your love of the Eastern Shore is apparent in your photos. Great photos Les.
    That corn looks a heck of a lot better than what we have down here.

  13. Gorgeous series, Les! Always loved the laid back life on the Eastern Shore.
    As far as Jersey Shore goes I've seen more than enough of those Oompa Loompas on the few occasions I was unlucky enough to be paying attention to the TV screen when I surfed past MTV while the show was on. Thankfully i have a well developed remote thumb!

  14. Les, I feel relaxed just looking at the pictures of the sea shore! Sounds like you had a nice few days off. I kept going back to the cornfield shot. There is something so striking about the sharp curve of the road and the rapid convergence of the lines of perspective on the horizon line.

  15. This does it! Thinking about ES just yesterday...These photos make me so "homesick" for the ES! Must be a sign that I need to visit SOON!

  16. I'm a sucker for crumbling houses, and you're right, just need a little TLC. Maybe your Nike endorsement will cover that?

  17. Tim,
    Sorry to disappoint.

    You are welcome.


    The shells are all over the beach, you are tired of picking them up after a while and get very choosy.

    Thank you!

    I have nothing against Jersey, I just think that show is over-the-top.

    I agree with you.

    Yes, dog and son. That corn is my cousin's and is destined for a food factory or a feed lot somewhere. Sweet corn patch is elsewhere.

    I have only seen one white pelican in my life and that was here in Va. He/she must have been incredibly lost.

    Thanks, I hope I did not offend anyone in the other Jersey.

    Thank you for the very kind comments.

    You are a very undemanding companion.

    That was favorite from the set. Some of the sparkle on the water was coming from raindrops.

    Janet UK,
    I am glad they made you smile.

    Limitations? I have never heard of such things.

    Janet SC,
    Yes the corn responds to rain like few other crops, and they have had very regular heavy rains recently.

    Yes I have one of those digits as well.

    I am drawn to those shots as well. Three elements: earth, corn and sky.

    Yes, visit soon.

    A little paint, some geraniums, granite counter tops, etc...