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March 8, 2008

Pale Blue Lawns and Impending Work Loads

Over the last few weeks we have been getting very busy at work with all the trucks coming in and trying get ready for spring. Pretty soon the customer level will increase and I will have to start working six days a week at 55-65 hours a week. With this in mind, I relish these last few weeks when I still get two days off and can get some work done in my own garden instead of doing nothing but help other people with theirs.

I was off yesterday and today, and as luck would have it, it was unfit to be outside. Friday morning we started getting near tropical rains, or at least in seemed that way with temperatures pushing 70 and with extreme wind. Today was the same story until about 2:00, when all of a sudden blue skies appeared and the winds became even stronger. The dogs, the boy and I were all anxious to get out of the house. The canines and I braved the 60 mph gusts and took a stroll around the neighborhood. My son chose his bike, and the wind was so strong he did not have to pedal on certain streets. We went down to Knitting Mill Creek and it looked like the water was being blown out of the creek.

A few blocks from the water is a house whose entire front yard is a carpet of pale blue Ipheion (originally I thought it was Chionodoxa). I usually try to take a walk by this house each year at this time, it has bloomed like this every year for decades. If I had a lawn, I would want it to look like this.

-- and to think, when I go to work again there will likely be a male customer (am sure it will be a male) looking for chemicals to keep his lawn free from such "weeds". Chemically induced, sterile, weed free turf will keep him a member in good standing of the Cult of the Perfect Lawn.


  1. I had no idea what would pop up when I read the title "Pale blue lawns..." What a nice surprise and what a lovely lawn.

  2. That lawn is gorgeous. I remember a hillside covered in Scilla siberica every spring in Ames, Iowa.

    I think the blue flower in your photos is Ipheion uniflorum.

  3. Entangled - Thank you for giving me another possibility for my "blue lawn". I was not entirely sure what it was and appreciate the correction, I will change my entry accordingly.

  4. The nicest lawns I know are a mixture of herbs and English daisies, clover and crocus in the early spring. The lawn you gave us a peek of is beautiful.

    Monocrop lawns are so boring, give us some fun and let the lawn dance with color!